By Richard LaChapelle

This year’s Holiday Party, hosted at the Spare Room, and was packed with entertainers, CBA members and guests, celebrating the Christmas season with excellent blues.

A big thank you goes out to The Bridge City Blues Band, The Gabriel Cox Band, Kevin Self & The Torandoes, The Ken DeRouchie Band, and Ellen Whyte, with Albert Reda and Terry Robb, for providing the music that makes Portland a first class blues town all year long.

This would not have happened without our hard working CBA Board Members for organizing this well attended event. Thanks to our generous volunteers–Winnie Richards, Kendall and Cheryl Kalimper, Gary Jaskowiak, Randy Murphy, Sandy Forst, Jody Gunn, Barry Blackwell, Tom Jurhs, Janet Tolman and Cherie Robbins–who know how to have a good time and make it happen.

And finally to the Spare Room for accommodating our CBA holiday crowd, and the friendly and efficient wait staff that took good care of all of us.