Shakey Graves - photo by Kirk StewartShakey Graves, real name Alejandro Rose-Garcia, was named by NPR as one of the top ten artists fans should’ve known in 2012. With two successful albums under his belt blending an emotionally driven blend of folk and blues, Graves is on the path to greatness with highly anticipated shows around the country. The Austin-based performer has knocked audiences out in New York’s anti-folk scene, the underground music world of Los Angeles and was recently a headlining performer at Oregon’s own Pickathon Festival with shows that have been termed as mesmerizing.

Graves will be back in Portland for a show at The Wonder Ballroom on Friday, November 14th. An all ages show that starts at 8:00 pm with a performance by Rayland Baxter. Tickets are $15.00 through The Wonder Ballroom is located at 128 NE Russell Street. Jump on tickets right away as this show is guaranteed to sell out.

Last June, Southern Oregon blues duo David Pinsky & Phil Newton won the right to represent the Cascade Blues Association in Memphis this coming January at the International Blues Challenge by taking the top scores in the Journey To Memphis competition in the solo/duo category. This will be their second trip to the IBC as they performed their last year as the representatives for Eugene’s Rainy Day Blues Society. Always a fun time on stage, the two are sensational story tellers and first-class musicians working in a guitar-harmonica format. Recently the pair have put together their very first recording together titled Over The Moon that brings their effervescent stage act onto disc.

David Pinsky & Phil Newton will be traveling to the Portland area with the dual purpose of celebrating their new CD, while trying to raise funds to help offset their traveling expenses to Memphis. The show will take place at The Lehrer, 8775 SW Canyon Lane in Beaverton, on Thursday, November 6th for an early 7:00 – 10:00 pm performance. Admission is $10.00. Come on out and help David and Phil get back to Memphis and pick up a copy of this excellent CD as well. The two have a lot of fun onstage and it rubs off onto the audience just as much. Don’t miss it.

Johnny Winter CD coverStep Back

Megaforce Records

Sadly, the album Step Back, is the final studio recording of blues guitar hero Johnny Winter. And stepping back is exactly what he does here, bringing mostly a collection of cover songs that helped inspire his early career. And as he did a couple years back with the similar album Roots, he’s brought a few of his guitar playing friends along for the ride. Paul Nelson is back to handle the production duties and offers his own string work on a number of the tracks, and the line-up of collaborators found throughout the disc is basically a who’s who of modern rock and blues performers that includes the likes of Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, Billy Gibbons, Leslie West, Ben Harper, Dr. John, Jason Ricci amongst them

The recording opens with Ray Charles’ classic “Unchain My Heart,” which may throw off some fans expecting a full force guitar drive to kick things off. Instead it is a fairly straight forward approach of the song, with Winter applying a much softer vocal delivery than you may be used to, backed by The Blues Brothers Horns featuring “Blue” Lou Marini and Tom “Bones” Malone. The horn section appears again on a very nice instrumental rockabilly reading of “Gatemouth” Brown’s “Okie Dokie Stomp” with Brian Setzer and a slow burning, eight-minute take of B.B. King’s “Sweet Sixteen” joined by Joe Bonamassa.

But no need to worry, Winter does bring out his trademark growling vocals, blistering fretting and sizzling slide as is the case with his take on Elmore James’ “Can’t Hold Out (Talk To Me Baby)” with Ben Harper. Magic Sam’s “Don’t Want No Woman” with Eric Clapton is an exceptional reading, Jason Ricci’s harmonica is powerful on Little Walter’s “My Babe,” and Billy Gibbons mixed with Winter provide a terrific ZZ Top fueled guitar styled duet on “Where Can You Be.” Perhaps the standout number on Step Back is Winter’s solo acoustic cover of Son House’s “Death Letter” which is much more Delta than his natural Texas blues rock. The closing track, Fats Domino’s “Blue Monday” returns to the same manner as the opening take on “Unchain My Heart,” with Dr. John providing a strong New Orleans piano base as the core instrument with more focus on Winter’s voice and an easier paced but still effective guitar solo.

Often the case with albums that are released after an icon has passed are mostly filler material found in the studio and thrown together. Since Winter’s death was unexpected that is not the situation here. These songs were recorded with the full intent of being released and it is a fitting tribute to a guitar player that stood the earth on its heels when he hit the scene and somebody that continuously thrilled us throughout the duration of his career. So sorry to see him go, but Johnny Winter has left us with a nice coda with Step Back to remember him by.

Total Time: 51:32

Unchain My Heart / Can’t Hold Out (Talk To Me Baby) / Don’t Want No Woman / Killing Floor / Who Do You Love / Okie Dokie Stomp / Where Can You Be / Sweet Sixteen / Death Letter / My Babe / Long Tall Sally / Mojo Hand / Blue Monday

KDBBy Laurie Morrisey

“If Lenny Kravitz and Aretha Franklin met at the intersection of James Brown Blvd. and Sly Stone Way, while listening to Tower of Power covering an Average White Band tune…yeah, that about covers it.” Those are the words of Ken DeRouchie when talking about his music. An artist that describes his music that way, is a band you just gotta hear.

Ken’s passion started early, when he was only two years old and started playing drums. By the time he was 16, he was playing local shows in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. When he was 18, he was hired to go on a North American tour with Larry Norman and the Young Lions. A year later he got his first record deal. He is living his dream—he’s wanted to play music his entire life.

He is basically self-taught, but did play some in the school band. He confesses, “I don’t read music.” When performing live, Ken plays guitar and sings. On recordings he plays guitar, bass, keys, drums and sings.


Musical influences are a huge list, according to Ken. “My favorite band is Steely Dan—I think Walter and Donald are geniuses; Lenny Kravitz—one of his songs was the inspiration for the title track of Muse); Galactic; Ray Charles; Aretha Franklin; Gladys Knight; Tom Waits; and sooooo many more.”

Before starting his own band in 1996, Ken played with several other bands: 1985-1986 Larry Norman and the Young Lions; 1992-1995 Monde La Bella; 1996 Kaitlyn Ni Donovan; and 1996-1997 iddy biddy.


The Ken DeRouchie Band (KDB) is made up of: LaRhonda Steele—vocals—joined KDB in 1999; Arietta Ward—vocals—joined in 2013; Jeff Knudson—lead guitar—joined in 2003; Rob Busey—bass—joined in 1997; Clayton Daffron—tenor sax—joined in 2003; Chris Lay—drums—joined in 2013; Alex Milsted—keys/sax—joined in 2014; and David Chachere—trumpet—joined in 2014.


Ken has several CD’s out, including: 1986 Street Angel (produced by Bill Romansky and Ken DeRouchie); 1993 Monde La Bella – Exquisite Corpse (produced by Dan Reed); 1995 Monde La Bella – Unreleased CD (produced by Ken DeRouchie, Scott Adamo and Carrie White); 1996 iddy biddy – Meet Me At The Psycogenic Photodeli (produced by Greg Whitehead and Ken DeRouchie); 1998 Ken DeRouchie Band – FunkSoulJazzPopLatinRock (Produced by Ken DeRouchie); 2000 Ken DeRouchie Band – Y2KDB (Produced by Ken DeRouchie); 2007 Ken DeRouchie Band – Live at Jimmy Mak’s (Produced by Ken DeRouchie); and 2013 Ken DeRouchie Band – Muse.

CBA President Greg Johnson reviewed the CD Muse and had this to say, “Ken DeRouchie is an incredible songwriter. His material is filled with emotional tales reminiscing of personal love, both found and lost and covering all points in between, all forever cherished. And like the best songwriters he has used these experiences to express himself in his art. This is his muse that has proven to be the theme of this album.”

In addition to these CD’s, Ken also has some Indie movie soundtracks and Indie video game soundtracks. He is working on material for a new disc, hopefully out in 2015.

In closing

Ken has received praise from publications and radio stations around the world, but local legend, Steve Pringle of KINK FM, sums it up best. “Ken and his band bring it each and every night. Horns that moan and wail, guitars that grind and soothe and a rhythm section tighter than a frog’s ass. The KDB has a story to tell, pull up a chair.”

To find out where to see the Ken DeRouchie Band for yourself, visit their website at

Melody Ballroom, 615 SE Alder St., Portland
Wednesday, November 5th, 6:30 pm
Members always Free – Non-members attending the Muddys $5.00

It’s here again. The biggest night for the blues in the City of Portland as the Cascade Blues Association honors those outstanding musicians, venues, events, recordings and individuals with the highly coveted Muddy Awards for excellent achievement during this past year. Twenty-two categories will be presented by members of the CBA Board of Directors, noted artists and other friends of the blues recognizing those chosen as recipients by the members of the Cascade Blues Association by ballots the past two months.

Make sure to arrive early, because this event annually draws 500+ attendees and tables fill up quickly. It is a gala event, so feel free to dress up a little, but it is not required. Because of the early start, The Melody Ballroom will have dinners available for purchase.

Since we are honoring our local musicians, it is only fitting that we have live performances to enhance the evening. Opening the night will be the Cascade Blues Association’s 2014 Journey To Memphis winners, The Rae Gordon Band at 6:30. The Awards presentations will begin right around 7:30 following a tribute to those artists we lost in the past year since the last Muddy Awards ceremonies. Mid-way through the awards, we will continue with the tradition we started last year and will have a musical interlude featuring our 2014 Journey To Memphis solo/duo winners, travelling all the way from Ashland to participate, David Pinsky & Phil Newton. After the conclusion of the awards, it’s time to party. Every year we invite a musician to put together an all-star jam band including past and present Muddy Award nominees and recipients. This year’s guest band leader is keyboard maestro Dave Fleschner. Dave has already pieced together an impressive line-up, but he is still talking to others for commitments. At this time expect to enjoy performances by: Alan Hager, Andy Stokes, Brad Ulrich, Brandy Hutchinson, Brian Foxworth, Dave Kahl, Doug Bundy, Doug Rowell, Jim Wallace, Jimi Bott, Karen Lovely, LaRhonda Steele, Mark Steele, Mary Flower, Mitch Kashmar, Randy Monroe and Steve Kerin. Quite an impressive grouping indeed.

The Muddy Awards are a  not to miss event.  Please join us for what is always one of the highest anticipated nights for the Portland Blues Community. If you’re not a member, you can always join at the venue if you’d like. This, like all Cascade Blues Association monthly meetings, is open to all ages.

David Pinsky and Phil Newton CD coverOver The Moon

Self Produced

Over The Moon is a very intimate recording by David Pinsky & Phil Newton fully capturing the feel of the duet in a bare bones atmosphere. If you were to close your eyes it just might seem like you’re sitting in a back yard at a Mississippi fish fry or barbecue with the pair offering a personal performance. You can almost smell those ribs firing up as the guys lay down some greasy, Delta tunes to set the tone.

Guitar and harmonica duets have been a staple of the blues since time began and the best can really get your blood flowing in an excitable manner. Pinksy and Newton are definitely pushing those fluids through your veins here. They always seem to come across as if they’re enjoying themselves on stage and you get that same sensation here as the pair alternate on vocals for the eleven original numbers presented. That happens when you have two long-time friends who are remarkable musicians and enjoy playing together as often as possible. Throughout the album you are transported to happy times, lost loves and rough situations. In other words, you’re being given a plateful of the blues.

Kicking off with “Memphis By Midnight,” they open by telling of the troubles they first encountered to travel to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge, but the sensations and magic they found on Beale Street once they arrived. How can a musician not feel that overwhelming feeling knowing that they’re playing on that same street and venues where many of their blues heroes left their mark.

“The Devil Stayed Out All Night” takes on a “St James Infirmary” pace while Phil’s woman has left him while he still waits for her return. Maybe he should’ve listened when told not to stay out all night playing around. “The sun will come up this morning, the sun will go down tonight, yesterday she was here, today she’s gone, because you know I didn’t treat that girl right.”

David testifies on “One of These Days.” You know one of these days he’s going to get things right. On “Blind Man Needs A Cane” David informs us just how much he needs his baby while utilizing an easy walking blues on his guitar.

Deeply inspired by artists from the Delta, but within their own path, David Pinsky and Phil Newton serve up a very authentic collection of blues that are personal and can reach down to your heart. The pair compliment one another to the point that you can picture being in a conversation where one might finish a sentence that the other begins. And still stating exactly what was meant to begin with. That feeling is displayed precisely on the final track, “Your Turn To Go,” as the blend of harp and guitar are not over-powering and feed off each other. It is a beautiful piece that captures the mood of the entire disc and their musicianship in a nutshell.

These guys know the blues and know how to tell the story within a song. It’s feel good and down home music, carrying on the tradition in just the right way. No frills here, this is blues at its most basic and if you appreciate that, it’ll have you over the moon, too.

Total Time: 49:35

Memphis By Midnight / Blind Man Needs A Cane / The Devil Stayed Out All Night / One Of These Days / 3303 Burdeck Drive / Mama’s In The Kitchen / Telephone Blues / Black Highway / Save Me / Cryin’ At 11:59 / Your Turn To Go

Can’t Even Do Wrong Right

Alligator Records

The one thing about Elvin Bishop’s music that has always appealed to me over the years is that he always puts me in a good mood. His music is all about having fun, whether on stage or on recording, he is Can't Even Do Wrong Right by Elvin Bishopconsistently there to set the good times rolling. Can’t Even Do Wrong Right is his latest on the Alligator label and you can bet your bottom dollar this is more of that trademark pattern, filled with sharp guitar and his Oklahoma down home swagger and growling vocals. There is plenty of Bishop’s humor in his lyrics and he even takes on a handful of cover numbers by old school bluesmen like Little Walter, Jimmy Reed and Rosco Gordon.

The title track open the disc relating the story of the luckless guy who never learns. Whenever he does something on the wrong side, he ends up getting caught. Whether it’s speeding in his new car after a night at the bar or cheating on his woman across town. He just “Can’t Even Do Wrong Right.”

He’s joined by harmonica legend Charlie Musselwhite on “Old School,” a track where he tells you his impression of all modern trends like tattoos and social media, if you want to talk to him call him on the phone, that’s as high tech as he gets. He’s set in his old ways and nothing going to change that.

Old pal Mickey Thomas, who worked with Bishop back in the 70s and was the lead vocalist on his hit “Fooled Around And Fell In Love” returns to help out on the song “Let Your Woman Have Her Way.” As in that earlier song Thomas’ voice sounds true, enhanced by Elvin on some nice slide guitar and Bob Welsh taking his hand on the organ.

Bishop takes another fun stab, this time at life in general, on the tune “Everybody’s In the Same Boat.” He looks into the mirror and asks himself, “Who is that old dude?” But he doesn’t worry, because everybody is in the same situation and you can’t worry about your own mortality, no matter who you are. Life is meant to have fun, so enjoy it while you can. He’s never seen a hearse with a luggage rack on top. And while he’s at it, he throws in a few stinging guitar riffs here and there in the song.

Covers of “No More Doggin’” and “Honest I Do” have been done as instrumentals and showcase Bishop’s guitar work. The first again featuring Charlie Musselwhite’s harp and Steve Willis on accordion. Willis also plays some mean accordion on the Dave Bartholomew and Fats Domino’s fun Cajun feeling “Bo Weevil.” And he really works the strings on the old Lionel Hampton piece “Hey-Ba-Ba-Re-Bop,” closing the album with an upbeat, happy feel.

Overall, Can’t Even Do Wrong Right is one of the most enjoyable Elvin Bishop records of recent years. Don’t take things too seriously. Kick on a little Elvin Bishop, let your hair down and have some fun. This one should get you in the right mood.

Total Time: 39:44

Can’t Even Do Wrong Right / Blues With A Feeling / Old School / Let Your Woman Have Her Way / No More Doggin’ / Everybody’s In The Same Boat / Dancin’ / Honest I Do / Bo Weevil / Hey-Ba-Ba-Re-Bop





The Randy Oxford Band

Hello CBA friends,

We are thrilled to once again be nominated for the prestigious Muddy Award in the Category of ‘Regional Act”. We feel a strong connection with our Oregon friends, having performed in the region for over 11 years now. We will be returning in December for a couple of shows in the area at both Duff’s garage and the Birk. We hope to see you all out as we continue to celebrate our new CD….”it feels good”….

Thank you all for your continued support of The Randy Oxford Band….it feels good….

Norman Sylvester

“Blues Stains, An Evening with The Blues” at Jimmy Mak’s, featuring the forever young Norman Sylvester, and young blues lion Tevis Hodge, Jr. is set for friday night November 7. Blues Stains is a tribute to American blues old and new and it’s contribution to the foundation of music around the world. The Norman Sylvester Band and Tevis Hodge Jr. will be paying their respects to the pioneers of the blues. They will also be playing in loving memory of Janice Scroggins and Linda Hornbuckle. The event will support the Music Education Scholarship in Janice’s name, as Janice spent her career teaching and mentoring many young musicians in Oregon.

Guitarist and singer Tevis has been building an impressive resume in recent years, having performed with Peter Yarrow, Ural Thomas, Baby Gramps, Joe McMurrian and many more. Tevis has represented the CBA in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis Tennessee, has performed at the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival the last several years, recently opened for Living Color at the Aladdin and can be heard regularly at the Laurelthirst Public House, Muddy Rudder, Slim’s, Mock Crest, the Birk and many other local venues. Born into a music loving family in Virginia, Tevis has explored his African-American musical roots deeply and despite his young age can be considered one of Portland’s foremost blues musicologists, with a large and ever expanding collection of 78 rpm disks. His repertoire contains songs by the likes of Charley Patton and Robert Johnson, and he writes much of his own material in the same idiom. His readings of 100 year old delta tunes are true to the originals without sounding like dusty museum pieces, and his own compositions display a timelessness that assures that they will stay around for generations, too.

Norman Sylvester needs no introduction to Bluesnotes readers. At age 69 his long career as a bluesman is still on the rise. Norman’s work has been recognized as a member of the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, and as a recipient of the Cascade Blues Association Muddy award for lifetime achievement. Besides his role as an entertainer, for many years Norman has brought blues music into the region’s schools at every level from kindergarden to college, and for the last several years he has been an artist-in-residence at Portland’s Irvington School, where he instructs the students about the musical heritage of the blues. He also leads them into setting their own experiences to music, weaving social studies, English and music together, resulting in a recording of all their songs on a compact disc.

Last year he celebrated the 30th anniversary of his current band at Jimmy Mak’s, and for this November 7th show he will be showcasing more of his originals both old and new, concentrating on the songs which were shaped most by Janice’s input. This will be the deluxe version of the Norman Sylvester Band complete with female vocalists “Sweet Thangz 2014”. Expect a collaboration between Norman and Tevis, too.

Jimmy Mak’s is located at 221 NW 10th Ave. between Davis and Everett. Doors open at 5:00, music begins at 8 p.m, one long show until J.D. turns on the lights and chases us off the stage. Advance tickets are available at for $12 reserved, $10 general admission. Day of the show walk-up general admission $12. Reserved seating tickets provide guaranteed seating, and are available only with dinner reservations.  Dinner reservations can be made by calling Jimmy Mak’s at (503) 295-6542.  www.jimmymak’

Blind Wolf

Hello CBA Membership! Got a new band to tell you about. Since the disbanding of Boogie Bone last year we have been working on an original record and putting together a live act worthy of your attention (hopefully). Blind Wolf includes: Oregon Music Hall of Fame multi-instrumentalist Steve Snyder, Stevie Dee Williams on guitar, Carl Falls on bass, Randy Herbert on drums and introducing Kit Carlsen as lead vocalist. We lean on many of the elements from our collective past to define sound: multi-genre inspiration, high energy, and large doses of fun.

Well, too much rehearsal and no play makes the wolf a dull boy so: “It’s Time to Play!” We would be honored if you joined our party at The Home of the Blues: Trails End Saloon on November 1st. Come hear music you have not heard before, some new twists on tunes you have, and a few that we never play the same way twice. Dancing attire is recommended.

We promise not to color between the lines…


Blind Wolf

A.C. Porter

SOMETHING NEW for The blusiest day of the week, TUESDAY! Starting in November, I am very pleased to announce: EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT at the BLUE DIAMOND— AC’s Blues Drifters… A rotating cast of great local players, sittin’ in, cuttin’ heads, swapping lies, and laying down the grooves that are begging  to get laid down! 8:30pm to 11:30pm EVERY Tuesday! We start 11/4 with the LIVEWIRES, with Whit Draper, Federico Pol, Johnny Moore, and myself, then 11/11 Stu Kinzel will join me! And on 11/18, my good buddy Robbie Laws will show me a thing or two, and for 11/25, Cool Head Ed Neumann lights up the keys i! We are gonna Mix and Match, folks! No Cover, and this will NOT be an open jam session— but you will get to see a lot of killer local musicians playing together that you rarely, if ever get to see! So add another night of live blues to your weekly dosage! See you at The Blue Diamond.

Greg Johnson, CBA President

Pre-Sales orders are now available for Blues on Beale Street, Memoirs of the International Blues Challenge through the website. This table-top styled book will feature photos taken by Baton Rouge photographer Jenn Ocken over the past ten plus years at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. Her images capture the artists on stage and behind the scenes, as well as the fans, volunteers, Blues Foundation staff and all that make up the blues family that is the International Blues Challenge. Collaborating with Greg Johnson of Portland, Oregon, who has written the narrative for this project and compiled the memoirs of more than 80 musicians and individuals, this is not a chronological series of who won each year, but focuses on the life changing moments, the personal memories and stories, emphasizing the emotional aspects, why attendees return every year and the impact the event has on the blues community. If you’ve been to the International Blues Challenge, this book will bring back fond memories. For those who have never been, it just may spark an interest where you too may want to make the trip to Memphis.

Lauren Sheehan

Hi blues fans.

I’ve been playing out to town so much that it’s been a while since I’ve done an acoustic concert with pristine acoustics here in Portland.  I am super excited to have a great concert coming up November  17, in the cool early Monday night series at the Lake Theater and Cafe in Lake Oswego and thought I’d fill you in on what’s been going on with me lately.   My website has a recent news section with details, new video clips, past newsletters and photos, probably more than you want to know—

The upcoming concert will feature folk blues from my two recent CDs, both of which soared to the tops of the folk charts and one was in the top 10 CDs for 2012, #8 for the year!   (Thanks for all that airplay, dis!)  My last project, The Light Still Burns, was part of a feature story on both npr and BBC, and highlights old country blues, Gibson WWII Banner guitars and the story of the women who made them.  Yes, women kept that factory going during war time and only recently have been recognized for doing so.

I’’ll have several old vintage guitars on stage for the November show,  treating you to the delicious soundscape of these great instruments as they ring out old blues and pre-blues, songs that were being played at the time the instruments were made.

If you have a vintage guitar, especially a Gibson, that you would like me to play, just send me an email and let’s make it work!  Send an email to

See you soon,



Contemporary Blues Act:
Kevin Selfe & The Tornadoes
Lisa Mann & Her Really Good Band
The Strange Tones

R&B Act:
Curtis Salgado
Ken DeRouchie Band
Lloyd Jones Struggle
Norman Sylvester Band

Traditional Blues Act:
Ben Rice & The iLLamatics
Kevin Selfe & The Tornadoes
Tevis Hodge, Jr.

New Act:
Gabriel Cox
Still Water Vibes
Tracey Fordice & The 8 Balls

Regional Act:
Hank Shreve Band
Henry Cooper
Randy Oxford Band
Tommy Hogan

“Duffy Bishop” Female Vocalist:
Karen Lovely
Lisa Mann
Rae Gordon

“Curtis Salgado” Male Vocalist:
Ben Rice
Kevin Selfe
Phil “Suburban Slim” Wagner

Electric Guitar:
Doug Rowell
Kevin Selfe
Phil “Suburban Slim” Wagner

“Terry Robb” Acoustic Guitar:
Alan Hager
Mary Flower
Tevis Hodge, Jr.

Allen Markell
Dave Kahl
John Mazzocco
Lisa Mann

Brian Foxworth
Dave Melyan
Jimi Bott

Dave Mathis
Jim Wallace
Mitch Kashmar

Dave Fleschner
Dover Weinberg
Steve Kerin

Chris Mercer
Joe McCarthy
Peter Moss

Duff’s Garage
The Blue Diamond
The Lehrer

Northwest Recording:
Bonepickers – Strollin’
Duffy Bishop – Found Your Way Home
Gabriel Cox – Gabriel Cox
Karen Lovely – Prohibition Blues
Lisa Mann – Move On
The Strange Tones – At Home With The Strange Tones
Tommy Hogan – Howl Like The Wind

National Recording:
Elvin Bishop – Can’t Even Do Wrong Right
The Mannish Boys – Wrapped Up And Ready
Tommy Castro – The Devil You Know

Performance of the Year:
Curtis Salgado – Waterfront Blues Festival
Southern Hospitality – Duff’s Garage
Sugaray Rayford – Waterfront Blues Festival

Northwest Blues Event:
Bronze, Blues & Brews
Ilwaco Blues & Seafood Festival
For The Love Of Janice (A Celebration of Life for Janice Scroggins)

“The Hurley Award”
Darren Mack
Randy Schleining
Steve Gross

Back What You Believe In
Jim Miller
Norman Sylvester
Soul Sisters Productions – Tracy Turner-Pain & Susan Mills

“Paul deLay” Lifetime Achievement:
Janice Scroggins
Jim Miller
Jimi Bott

Just what is IPF – Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis? That is the question I asked earlier this year when I learned that my brother-in-law, Bruce Williamson and my friend, Tommy Royer were seriously impaired by IPF. I have come to understand that this disease makes it increasingly difficult for oxygen to get into the blood due to progressive scarring in the lungs. In most instances doctors are unable to identify the cause of PF and the only real treatment is a lung transplant. Today both Bruce and Tommy are on the transplant list waiting for the call.

On Sunday, November 2nd, Bruce and his wife Vickie will be hosting a Fundraiser & Awareness Concert at The Lehrer from 2.00 – 6:00 pm. A $10 donation is suggested with all proceeds to benefit the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation. Donate Life NW will also be there to convey the importance of organ donations.

Scheduled to appear at this event are Margo Tufo, John Bunzow, Karen Lovely, Rae Gordon, Kevin Selfe, Doug Rowell, Big Monti, Lisa Mann, Michael Quinby, Bruce Williamson, Ed Neumann, Franco Paletta, Ben Rice, John Mazzocco, Sonny Hess, Ron Tuttle, Dave Melyan, Timmer Blakely, Justin Matz, JT Thomas, Scott Franklin and Chad Rupp, along with many more. An “all-star” jam from will follow from 6-8pm.

Please plan on attending this worthy event, your donations are truly needed to help put an end to IPF. If you are unable to attend, Bruce has set up a fundraising page where you can make donations directly at The Lehrer is located at 8775 SW Canyon Lane, in Beaverton.

Hope to see you there, Doug Rowell