John Nemeth And The Blue Dreamers - Feelin’ Freaky

Feelin’ Freaky
Self Produced

John Nemeth And The Blue Dreamers - Feelin’ FreakyYou won’t find John Nemeth’s new album on the shelves at your local record store or available through CDBaby, on Amazon or anywhere else on line for that matter. If you want it, you’re going to have to purchase it directly through him, most likely at one of his performances. Disenchanted with the sales and download accessibility of his previous releases on the internet, including his acclaimed recording Memphis Grease that should have flown off the shelves (well, as much as a blues disc might nowadays), he decided to sell his latest release Feelin’ Freaky, through the old school means of self-distribution. That is to say directly from John at one of his shows. And it’s more than worth picking up if you have that chance. John Nemeth at his routine top notch best. What else would you expect?

Feelin’ Freaky was recorded with production and engineering from Luther Dickinson, Kevin Houston, and Boo Mitchell at both Zebra Ranch and Royal Studios. Nemeth penned eleven original tracks that present his always soulful voice and tremendous harmonica licks. Assisting on the musical end was a top-flight band, most who are working with him on the road, called The Blue Dreamers: Johnny Rhoades on guitar, Danny Banks on drums, Matthew Wilson hitting both bass and guitar with Art Edmonson and Marc Franklin providing horns and Charles Hodges on Hammond for a trio of tracks.

That soulfulness is captured right out of the gate with the opening number “Long Black Cadillac.” There is kind of a Robert Cray feel behind the emotional number as Nemeth mourns as that titled vehicle takes his baby away. You can feel his pain. That pain is still evident in the next number, “Rainy Day,” as nothing seems to be there to bring him happiness after losing his love. The number seems to show that Nemeth has learned a lot about his adopted home of Memphis as this one could’ve been released during the city’s early-70s period of hit soul releases.  With the next track the mood picks up, though it is still rough being  “Under The Gun,” as he explains that it really hard living the blues, so stick a fork in him as he is done. Back on his Name The Day! album, Nemeth asked the question, “Do You Really Want That Woman?” Well, he shows he really does with a follow up here titled “You Really Do Want That Woman,” as he lets you know he’s ready to give up on his vices and change his ways just for her. “My Sweet Love” is a tender piece that has a catchy rhythm to it with his crisp harmonica setting the tone as he talks about everything that his love means to him. Nemeth grabs his chromatic harp as he belts out “Feelin’ Freaky,” and it makes you want to jump and dance along. Certainly a stand-out offering on this excellent disc. Looking at the cover of Feelin’ Freaky you might wonder what’s with the red pickle pictured? Well, it’s all answered in his song “Kool Aid Pickle,” where he finds himself with life going from sweet to sour to wrong. Closing out the album is “S T O N E D,” a song he told me he came up while driving somewhere between gigs in Indiana or perhaps somewhere else in the Midwest. It is another reflection on how he feels as a performer and what his music can bring him.

Overall, Feelin’ Freaky is exactly what you would expect from John Nemeth. It is filled with great tunes and musicianship. The type that has brought so many accolades and awards his way. It proves once again that he is one of the best artists working and at the peak of his creativity that doesn’t seem to see any downhill in his work anytime soon. Make a point to catch John Nemeth live. You’re always going to walk away smiling and it’s the only place you’re able to get yourself a copy of this outstanding recording; at least for now. Exceptionally amazing once again!

Total Time: 34:16

Long Black Cadillac / Rainy Day / Under The Gun / Gave Up On You / You Really Do Want That Woman / My Sweet Love / I’m Funkin’ Out / Feelin’ Freaky / Get Offa That Butt / Kool Aid Pickle / S T O N E D

Mitch Kashmar - West Coast Toast

West Coast Toast
Delta Groove Music

Mitch Kashmar - West Coast ToastMitch Kashmar delves deeply into the sound of West Coast blues with his latest release West Coast Toast — and it’s something that he should be quite familiar with as he has been a longtime mainstay on that scene from his early days with The Pontiax to his current position atop the blues community in Portland, Oregon. For this disc, however, he returns to Southern California and is joined by an all-star cast of familiar names and lays down some of the most dynamic harmonica to be heard from anyone, anywhere.

Kashmar went into the studio and brought guitarist extraordinaire Junior Watson, keyboard master Fred Kaplan and bassist Bill Stuve, all whom he states he met back in 1985 while working on a project with the late William Clarke. On drums, he went to Bay Area skin-man Marty Dodson, who has worked endlessly with Mark Hummel.  Kashmar himself is stellar with his work on both diatonic and chromatic harps. All of these are cats along with Kashmar know the West Coast blues sound like the back of their hands. They should as among them they’ve recorded some of the most important music ever to come out of California with a wide variety of bands

This is Kashmar’s fifth discs on the Delta Groove label, including a live album and re-release of an album from The Pontiax. The album opens with a burnin’ instrumental track, ”East Of 82nd Street,” a reference to the section of Southeast Portland where he now lives. It sets the pace for the following selections on this outstanding recording and is the first of four brilliant instrumentals offered (“Mood Indica,” “Makin’ Bacon,” and “Canoodlin’” are the others). Those harmonica-fueld numbers, as well as the entire recording, showcases the Chicago sound that developed into the West Coast sound and is a tribute to the master who helped create it on the Mississippi saxophone, George “Harmonica” Smith. Smith was a huge influence on just about every harp player out west, including the likes of the late William Clarke, Rod Piazza, Kim Wilson, and of course, Mitch Kashmar.

Kashmar takes on a social stance as he questions just how much money are we going to use in “The Petroleum Blues. And he gives another nod to his adopted home of Portland in “My Lil’ Stumptown Shack,” letting all of his Southern Californian pals know that he ain’t never coming back.

He also tackles a handful of covers that he brings out perfectly. They include Sonny Boy Williamson’s “Alcohol Blues,” Billy Boy Arnold’s “Don’t Stay Out All Night,” Willie Dixon’s “Too Many Cooks,” and the Rudy Toombs/Henry Glover piece “Young Girl.”

What you have with West Coast Toast is a keeper of a recording that you’re going to want to place next to all your favorites. It’ll grow consistently on you with each listen and you’ll easily feel it belongs among the best go-to discs in your collection. Hands down, Mitch Kashmar has created a remarkable album that is sure to stand the test of time.

Total Time: 48:35

East Of 82nd Street / Too Many Cooks / Young Girl / The Petroleum Blues / Mood Indica / Don’t Stay Out All Night / My Lil’ Stumptown Shack / Makin’ Bacon / Alcohol Blues / Love Grows Cold / Canoodlin’

New Music to Note

Here’s a list of new music received at the CBA office or purchased personally this past month that should be noted:

Blueass – Things Left Behind (Self Produced)
Bobby Rush – Porcupine Meat (Rounder)
Cee Cee James – Stripped Down & Surrendered (FWG Records)
Charlie Wheeler Band – Blues Karma And The Kitchen Sink (Graphite Sound)
Dave Keller – Right Back Atcha (Tastee Tone)
David Brewer – Drivin’ Wheel (Crossed Arrows Music)
David Pinsky & Phil Newton – Under The Sun (Self Produced)
Deb Ryder – Grit Grease & Tears (Bejeb Music)
Dennis Gruenling – Ready Or Not (VizzTone)
Doug Macleod – Live In Europe (Under The Radar)
Fiona Boyes – Professin’ The Blues (Reference Recordings)
Hard Swimmin’ Fish – True Believer (Self Produced)
Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch – Champagne Velvet (Dag Nab Music)
Jimmy Duck Holmes – Live From Briggs Farm Blues Festival (Briggs Blues Farm)
John Nemeth & The Blue Dreamers – Feelin’ Freaky (Self Produced)
Jonn Del Toro Richardson – Tengo Blues (JRCD)
Lady “A” – Loved, Blessed & Blues (Self Produced)
Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials – The Big Sound Of Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials (Alligator)
Mary Jo Curry – Mary Jo Curry (Guitar Angels Records)
Michael Jonathon – Song Farmer (Poet Man Records)
Mitch Kashmar – West Coast Toast (Delta Groove)
Rogue Rage Duo – Layin’ It Down (Self Produced)
Terry Robb – Cool On The Bloom (Niasounds)
The Terry Hanck Band – From Roadhouse To Your House – Live! (VizzTone)

December is right around the corner and the holidays will soon be upon us. Though they’re still a couple of months away, we wanted to mention a couple of special events coming up this December. Both of these are sure to sell out, so don’t hesitate, get a step ahead, and make your plans now by purchasing tickets.

For the 18th year, Sonny Hess will be hosting two nights of the NW Women Rhythm & Blues Christmas Concerts benefiting The Candlelighters, an organization aimed at aiding children with cancer. As a cancer survivor, this is an event that means a lot to Sonny and she is bringing in many of her closest friends once again to help with the very worthy cause.

The first show will be held on Thursday, December 8, starting at 7:00 pm, at The Trails End Saloon, 1320 Main Street in Oregon City.  The second show will be held on Sunday, December 11, at 6:00 pm at Carvlin Hall, SE 16th & Division. Appearing at these amazing shows along with Sonny will be LaRhonda Steele, Rae Gordon, Lisa Mann, Ellen Whyte, Kimberly Hall, Arietta Ward, Vicki Stevens, Lady Kat, and Kelly Pierce. Tickets are $22.00 – $39.50 and can be purchased online at

The second event to make note of will take place on Saturday, December 17 at Jimmy Mak’s, 221 NW 10th. Lloyd Jones will be presenting a special holiday show with two performances in one night, at 7:30 pm and again at 10:00 pm. The show titled Singing with Santa’s Sweet Angels will find Lloyd joined by local vocalists Lisa Mann and LaRhonda Steel, plus keyboardist-vocalist Teresa James coming up from Los Angeles. They’ll be backed by a powerhouse band including organist Louis Pain and drummer Brian Foxworth. Tickets for the Cascade Blues Association co-sponsored event are available through for $12.00. Use the code CBA for a $1.00 discount.

Terry Robb - Cool On The Bloom

Cool On The BloomTerry Robb - Cool On The Bloom

Terry Robb without question is one of the finest guitarists playing the blues (or any other form of music for that matter) today. Adept at electric and acoustic guitars, he displays lightning quick, crisp flair on his instrument that is right on the money every time. His true forte is on acoustic and he is the master of both fingerpicking and bottleneck styles with expert original and innovative readings of Delta blues, rags, spirituals, and whatever else he puts his mind too musically.

Robb’s latest release, Cool On The Bloom, finds him on a new Portland-based label, NiaSounds. It is mostly a solo outing with only two vocal tracks. Terry Robb possesses the ability to completely captivate an audience without the need for any sidemen as he displays on seven numbers on the disc. But when he is joined by the likes of Albert Reda or Dave Kahl on bass, Jeff Minnick or Dennis Carter on drums, and guitar master Doug Smith, the music rises again to another level. Alone or accompanied, Terry Robb knows how to grab your ears and give you an intensely pleasurable listening experience.

All of the tracks on Cool On The Bloom are sensational examples of Robb’s skills. Opening with a light-hearted, sprightly rag titled “Soc Hop” that is surely bound to get your toes tapping right off the bat. The piece shows off Robb’s incredible dexterity at finger-picking. “Christmas in Istanbul” was first released on the O, Christmas Three album from the Acoustic Guitar Summit. Here he showcases some very classic approaches on this swinging number with Middle Eastern flavor, joined by one of his Acoustic Guitar Summit partners Doug Smith. Smith also accompanies Robb on two other songs on the album, “Watermelon Eye Patch Groove” and a beautifully-done instrumental take on The Turtles’ “You Showed Me.” “So Glad” and the cover of Rube Lacey’s “Ham Hound Crave” are the only two vocal numbers, and both are presented with a nice jovial approach, the latter kind of makes me hungry with all the mention of Southern food. “Late Night Kahl” is a jazzier offering, and “Honey One” has a moody feeling behind it; both are prime examples of just how diverse the music from Robb can be.

If I had to pick out one stand-out track (which is essentially impossible when everything here is so unbelievable!), it just might be the bottleneck slide work on “”Holy Spirit, Father And Son.” This song sounds like Robb just stepped from behind the sun, jumped over the levee, crossed the cotton fields and sat down on the porch at the local juke with his guitar. Pour the sweet tea, this is as down home as you can get people!

Cool On The Bloom is an exceptional presentation of Terry Robb that shows you just how much he is as one with his guitar, whether using vocals or not. When you have the talent to use your instrument as your voice as Robb does, it is completely exhilarating and often mind-blowing. This album offers all of that and more. Repeated listens will become mandatory; you won’t be able to avoid it.

Total Time: 39:30

Soc Hop / Cool On The Bloom / Christmas In Istanbul / Watermelon Eye Patch Groove / So Glad / Soggy Foot Rag / You Showed Me / Holy Spirit, Father And Son / Ham Hound Crave / Late Night Kahl / Honey One / Grama Jean

Thunder Brothers CD Cover

Eponymous EP
Self produced

Thunder Brothers CD CoverThe Thunder Brothers eponymously titled debut recording is a four song EP chock full of powerful, driving rocking blues. Made up of four of Portland’s most talented and respected musicians, they each have a resume that could fill a warehouse with their historical contributions to Portland’s music scene and beyond. And on this disc these guys don’t just play music, they bring it alive. They’ve unleashed a maelstrom of musical fury that holds nothing back and consumes you with a desire to hear more and more.

The Thunder Brothers are made up of guitarists Michael Quinby and Doug Rowell, with the super pulsating rhythm section of bassist Timmer Blakely and drummer Edwin Coleman III. They play off one another to perfection and you can easily catch the individual contributions by the players on every track; no one overplays his hand, a true sign of a cohesive unit and working outfit.

Quinby and Rowell each created two of the four tracks. They are filled with expressive and fluid lyrics that are ear-catching and memorable, with no let-down from one song leading into the next. You’re hooked right off the bat with the opening guitar riff on “You Scare Me” and pretty quickly find yourself singing along on the chorus. That is followed up by Rowell telling you that if you’re going to hurt me, “Hurt Me Good” and then intensifying his statement with a blistering guitar solo that stresses the point, letting you know that he’ll be coming back for more.  Quinby then returns with a tale of the woman he is attracted to whose skin is like “Molasses” and eyes as black as night and she’s a bit on the wild side. He can’t understand what she sees in him, but he is definitely going to stick around and see. Rowell then returns with the closing number, “Turn and Walk Away,” that opens with fire on his instrument’s strings, rattling the senses with sizzling and ferociousness guitar playing throughout. The full band is pouring their all into the spirit of the song and you’re taken on a rocking ride that just keeps getting better the further into the song you go. It’ll leave you breathless by the end and asking why there isn’t more!

If power blues is something you enjoy, this is definitely a recording you don’t want to pass up. Thunder Brothers is without doubt an appropriate name for this band, they’re bringing out all of the full force of a thunder storm and then some. Play this one loud and be prepared to have your senses stimulated on all fronts. BOOM! This one hits it right!

Total Time: 18:02

You Scare Me / Hurt Me Good / Molasses / Turn And Walk Away

Timothy James

Timothy James

The usual interview questions don’t work too well when talking to Timothy James. “Did you always want to perform professionally or if not, what did you want to be when you grew up?” 14-year-old Timothy’s response was, “I didn’t ever think ahead. I never thought about a job and I still don’t think about college.” He says his current jobs are “school and chores.”

Cascade Blues Association (CBA) President Greg Johnson describes Timothy as a “fourteen-year-old triple threat (guitarist, singer, and songwriter) [with] an incredible feel for the guitar with adeptness that belies his age. He recently competed in the Cascade Blues Association’s Journey To Memphis competition against the adult musicians and clearly held his own…You just know that he is going to be a sensational talent that we will be following for years, progressing through the same path that we have witnessed with past young musicians who have led successful musical careers such as Ben Rice, Mac Potts, and Ty Curtis.” Timothy will represent the CBA in the Youth Showcase at the International Blues Challenge in January 2017 in Memphis.

Timothy’s only been playing guitar for about five years and started playing professionally about three years ago. “Friends would invite me up to play when they took breaks (in their performance) and I guess the owners would ask my parents if I wanted to play there.”

In addition to guitar, Timothy plays a bit of piano and Alto saxophone. He describes his musical style as somewhere between blues and pop rock.

Timothy tributes a wide range of musical influences, from local musicians who play jazz, blues, or rock, to U2, Metallica and Steve Vai. “One of my biggest role models/influences is an amazing guitarist from the UK named Rob Chapman. He’s a self-managed musician and an extremely nice guy,” he said.

He is mainly self-taught. “I picked things up from people here or there, but a while ago I started taking lessons from Ken Brewer. He plays pretty much anything and is an amazing guitarist.”

Last summer Timothy placed third in the Clackamas County Fair Talent Show and then second in the Place 2 Be Singer/Songwriter Contest. He put out a 4-song CD in 2015 but isn’t releasing it any more for a couple reasons—“It’s out of date and doesn’t represent my work anymore, and I’ve gotten a lot better since then.” There isn’t a specific plan for a new CD, but he wants to get back in the studio. “I’ve got quite a few new songs that I’ve written and need to record them.”

Timothy has played with local musicians Gary Meziere, Rae Gordon, Brady Goss, and some others. He’s also played with Patrick Quilter of Quilter Amps and one of the owners of Badcat Amps.

To follow Timothy and see where he’s playing next, check him out on Facebook. You can message him there if you’d like to make a donation to his trip to Memphis for the Youth Showcase at the International Blues Challenge in January 2017.

Not Quite Legal
Revved Up Records

Chase Walker Band CD Not Quite LegalThe Chase Walker Band’s second release, Not Quite Legal, is a great indication that these teen-aged musicians were not just another flash in the pan group of youngsters trying their hand at the blues. They really mean their place in the genre and their rocking it big time with their approach, while showing that they’re still growing as a band, too. It is kind of scary just how good these kids are, as songwriters as well as musicians.

Band leader Chase Walker is already quite an accomplished guitarist. He also has plenty of savvy and sass as a songwriter and vocalist. There is a bit of adult language that crops up occasionally in a couple numbers, “Cold Hearted” and “Don’t F It Up” and its earned the release a parental advisory warning label, but even these songs display a creative musical drive that belies the band member’s ages.

Aside from Walker, the band features drummer Matt Fyke and bassist Randon Davitt, who contributes his own songwriting skills and vocals on the track “Changed.” Backing vocals from Jade Bennet-Mateo and April Stephenson also add exceptional soulful contributions to the band’s sound.

Enjoyable covers of Toots & The Maytall’s ska piece “54-46” and a rootsy version of The Wood Brothers’ “Honey Jar” enhance the musical diversity of the album. Then there is “Red House”; this Jimi Hendrix number may make many people say, “Oh boy, that old song? Everybody and their mother has done that one. Here we go again.” But rest assured, this is a superbly rendered take of the song, starting out with Walker working with solid resonator guitar playing that builds up the drive as the band joins in. It shows a lot of respect to Hendrix’ tradition without sounding like every other band who has covered the song. And the distorted vocals brings it all home. Well done!

The band throws in a hidden track at the end of the disc titled “Yabba Dabba” that really shows off the trio working in a jam feeling. They may be young, but they’ve been working together enough to grab each others’ feel and approach to the music. And it just keeps getting better. Keep your eye on the Chase Walker Band, these kids have got it going on and bring across on both recording and in live settings! Wow!

Total Time: 49:33

Done Loving You / Red House / The Walk / New State Of Mind / I Warned You / Cold Hearted / Don’t F It Up / 54-46 / Changed / It’ll Pass / Honey Jar / Living On Thin Ice

By Cherie Robbins, Rummage Sale Chair

The Cascade Blues Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of blues and roots music in the Great Northwest. Formed in 1986, the CBA has since become one of the largest blues associations in the country, and it holds events to support our region’s musicians and bring the blues community together, such as the Journey to Memphis Competition, The Muddy Awards in November, many co-sponsored shows, monthly meetings with musical acts, the Red, White & Blues Dance, a merchandise tent at the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival, a members-only picnic, and a holiday party to name just a few. On Saturday, October 15, we held the rescheduled CBA Rummage Sale that helped raise funds for the CBA.

As chair this year, I want to thank Rae Gordon for starting the Annual CBA Rummage Sale — thank you for your vision, you’re a true Portland treasure, singer, entrepreneur, and you give back big time! I want to thank the Wong family for allowing us to move the CBA Rummage sale to their barn after being rained out in September. I want to thank the musicians, Kathryn Grimm, Justus Reece, Timothy James, and Gabe Cox for providing music, and thank you Robin Gibson for providing the PA. A BIG thank you to the volunteers, coming out both dates with heavy rain and storm warnings. Extra thanks go to the volunteers who helped with loading, unloading the U-Haul, set up and break down at barn, The Bomber and at Rae’s: Rae Gordon, Jimmy Wong and family, Gary Jaskowiak, Deidre DeMier, Al Hooton, Fred & Joann Morgan, Robin Gibson, Kristi Pierce and Greg Johnson. I am sorry if I left out anyone .

Thank you to the Cascade Blues Association board: Greg, Fred & Joann, Wendy Schumer, Jody Gunn, Brenda Docken and Merry Larsen. If anyone who isn’t a member of the CBA and wants to get involved please contact these people. You can also sign up online at The Cascade Blues Association or attend a monthly meeting.

Muddy Award

Muddy AwardThe biggest single night for the Portland blues community returns again to The Melody Ballroom on Wednesday, November 2 as the Cascade Blues Association presents its annual Muddy Awards. Honoring musical achievements from the past year, awards will be handed out to recipients in twenty-two categories to stand-out musicians, venues, recordings, events, and more.

Members of the Cascade Blues Association Board of Directors, musicians, and other blues industry notables will present awards to the winners who were selected by members of the CBA through an online ballot.

And what would an event recognizing musical talent in our area without music be? Well, no worries there as the night will feature three sets of terrific blues performances.

Opening the night prior to the awards being handed out, this year’s Journey To Memphis band winners, Rae Gordon & The Backseat Drivers, will take the stage and set the perfect mood for the celebration.

Midway through the award presentations, our Journey To Memphis solo/duo winner, David Pinsky, will entertain us through a brief intermission.

Then following the awards, we will have an all-star line-up of past and present Muddy Award nominees and recipients, brought together by this year’s band leader Ken DeRouchie. Along with Ken on guitar and vocals, expect to see these amazing musicians take part in the set: Arietta Ward, Ben Turner, Brian Harris, Chris Lay, Dave Fleschner, David Cachere, Doug Rowell, Edwin Coleman III, Jeff Knudson, Jimi Bott, Lisa Mann, Noah Bell, Pete Petersen, Peter Dammann, Peter Moss, Rae Gordon, Rob Busey, and Timmer Blakely. (Please be advised that this line-up is subject to change.)

Do not miss this night. The fun will kick off at 6:30 pm with the opening set of music, with award presentations following immediately after at around 7:30. Entry to the Muddy Awards is free for Cascade Blues Association members and an incredible $5.00 for non-members to witness one of the most anticipated nights for blues in Portland. The Melody Ballroom is located at 615 SE Alder Street and the event is open to all ages.

The 2016 Muddy Award nominees are:

Contemporary Blues Act:
Ben Rice Band
Kevin Selfe & The Tornadoes
Lisa Mann & Her Really Good Band
Thunder Brothers

Traditional Blues Act:
AC Porter & The Live Wires
Ben Rice Band
Julie Amici
Kevin Selfe & The Tornadoes

 “Lloyd Jones” R&B Act:
Andy Stokes
Ken DeRouchie Band
Norman Sylvester Band

Regional Blues Act:
Gabriel Cox
Hank Shreve Band
Polly O’Keary & The Rhythm Method
Sammy Eubanks

New Act:
Harvey Brindell & The Tablerockers
The Blues Cabaret
Thunder Brothers

“Duffy Bishop” Female Vocalist:
LaRhonda Steele
Lisa Mann
Rae Gordon

“Curtis Salgado” Male Vocalist:
Andy Stokes
Ben Rice
Brian Foxworth

Electric Guitar:
Alan Hager
Ben Rice
Kevin Selfe

“Terry Robb” Acoustic Guitar:
Alan Hager
Ben Rice
Lloyd Jones
Mary Flower

Allen Markel
David Kahl
Lisa Mann

Dave Fleschner
Dover Weinberg
Steve Kerin

“Jimi Bott” Drums:
Brian Foxworth
Dave Melyan
Don Shultz

Franco Paletta
Hank Shreve
Jim Wallace
Mitch Kashmar

Brad Ulrich
Chris Mercer
Joe McCarthy
Peter Moss

Lake Theater & Café
The Blue Diamond
Trails End Saloon

The “Hurley” Award (for stage crew excellence):
Barry McKinley
Barry Saxberg
Darren Mach

NW Recording:
Curtis Salgado – The Beautiful Lowdown
Karen Lovely – Ten Miles Of Bad Road
Kevin Selfe – Buy My Soul Back
Lisa Mann – Hard Times, Bad Decisions

National Recording:
Bonnie Raitt – Dig In Deep
Curtis Salgado – The Beautiful Lowdown
Danielle Nicole – Wolf Den
Janiva Magness – Love Wins Again
Tedeschi Trucks Band – Let Me Get By

NW Event:
Bronze Blues & Blues Festival
Gorge Blues & Brews Festival
Mysti Krewe Of Nimbus Mardi Gras Ball
United By Music North America at Hotel Rose

Performance of the Year:
Kevin Selfe Buy My Soul Back CD Release Party at Bossanova Ballroom
Karen Lovely at Waterfront Blues Festival
United By Music North America at Waterfront Blues Festival

“Back What You Believe In” (for non-performance excellence in the blues community):
Dean Mueller
Ken DeRouchie
Norman Sylvester
Wendy Schumer

“Paul deLay” Lifetime Achievement:
David Kahl
Frankie Redding
Jimi Bott