McCrary Sisters CD coverAll The Way
McCrary Sister Production

If you love vocal harmonies, you’re going to be hard pressed to find anything finer than The McCrary Sisters. This Nashville-based group of siblings (Ann, Deborah, Regina and Alfreda) are the daughters of renowned Reverend Samuel McCrary who was a member of The Fairfield Four, where they were exposed first-hand to the best in gospel. And it paid off beautifully. Their voices carry the influence of their gospel background and delve deeply into rock, soul, country, R&B and all forms roots, all of it quite satisfying no matter what denomination you may follow.

All The Way is the second release by The McCrary Sisters and it is filled with incredible soul-bending music that highlights the perfect harmonization of the four. Plenty of messages abound in tracks like “Let It Go,” “Skin Deep,” “You Can Make It” and “Come On.” There is not a song found here that will not lift your spirits with the various approaches they take, such as slide blues guitar of “Hum And Moan,” the funkiness behind “Victory” or the rocking drive of “Train.”

There is a lot of emotion and passion in the sisters’ delivery. This is an album that will have you jumping and testifying. Wonderful voices meshed in astounding presentation. The McCrary Sisters have that sense of musical bond that can only come from a lifetime of singing together and it shines clearly on this amazing recording.

Total Time: 55:15

Come On / Train / Skin Deep / Let It Go / Hum And Moan / Right Where You Are / Hello Jesus / Victory / You Can Make It / The Ways Of The World / Talk To You / All The Way