Hey, Blues lovers, supporters of local live music, and our fans! We love you and thank you!!!

 Matt Conroy here again with The Vermen… This month I really want to send thanks out to some folks, first to Randy Lilia for booking us into some great venues over the last months and the months ahead. We’ve had a blast and our gratitude goes out to you.

 Next, we’d like to deeply thank Brian at Roadhouse 101 and Rusty Truck Brewing for the wonderful times we’ve had at 2 big shows last month.

 Thanks also go to The Viewpoint in Estacada and all the great staff and patrons who made Charles Pike’s birthday party so fun last month.

 We have been honored with the offer of a weekly show at Cadigan’s Corner Bar. Thanks Darcy! We will be playing there every Wednesday, 8-Midnight, (at least through June) and have special surprise guests. Come by every week because it will be a little different every week because we’ll be unveiling new songs, some of which will be included on our upcoming CD. Stay tuned!

 Lastly, but not leastly, I personally would like to thank our new bass player Eric (Haus) Krabbenhoft for working so hard to learn the wide variety of complicated material that The Vermen play. (You really do your homework, Haus… and you’re a great addition to the band! Thank you, brother!)

 If you haven’t yet done so, check out our website TheVermen.com and also see some new videos found on our facebook page. Our calendar of upcoming shows can be found in both places.

 Thanks again, everyone… especially those of you who have supported us. Have a great and musical June!




Matt Conroy and all The Vermen