Best Self-Produced CD Entries Now Being Accepted

If you would like to have your CD considered by the Cascade Blues Association for submission in The Blues Foundation’s Best Self-Produced CD competition, please send your disc to BSPCD c/o Cascade Blues Association, PO Box 6566, Portland, Oregon 97228-6566. You may also turn your submission in at the August, September, or October Cascade Blues Association General Membership Meetings. No discs will be accepted later than October 7.

All discs submitted must have been released after November 1, 2014. A committee set up by the Cascade Blues Association’s Board of Directors will listen to each submission and like the Journey To Memphis will rate each on a series of categories (blues content, instrumentation, vocals, art work and liner notes). Only entries from the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Idaho and Washington) acts will be accepted. We must receive your entry no later than October 7. Please note, the entry that we submit to The Blues Foundation will require that we send them four copies of the disc for their judges. We will notify the appropriate act for  the extra copies needed to send.