Overnight Success
Rokdablu Records

Billy D & The HoodoosThe long awaited follow-up to Billy D & The Hoodoos’ 2013 debut album Somethin’s Wrong has finally arrived and it is filled with the same catchy songs with their bare-boned, rock-inflected riffs that made that first release so well received. There’s a lot of power behind the trio of guitarist Billy D, drummer Scott Van Dusen and bassist Joe Casimir who know how to bring across a message without overstating their instruments’ voices and that is clearly evident on the new album, Overnight Success.

Growing up in Chicago obviously influenced Billy’s musical path, blending the city’s thriving blues scene with the very best of the rock music that captured his ear during his youth. It is reflected on numbers like the very Chuck Berry-esque “Can’t Get Over You” or “It Must Be Love” with a shuffle that’d make Bo Diddley proud.

Billy’s songwriting has always been impressive, catchy and memorable. For example, in the sad, softly played “Love Me Forever,” he can’t help but grieve for a love that he knows is slipping away from him, wishing for yet another moment when she felt that he was the one: “you don’t have to love me forever, just love me now.” Or the slide guitar track with the shoo-be-doo background of “Can’t Take It Anymore” where his partner may say one thing but acts in a different manner: “you tell me that you love me, you tell me that your love is true, but when I see you running around every night, tell me what am I supposed to do?” His answer of course is to show himself the door on the relationship.

A real surprise on the disc is the short instrumental number “Mornin’.” It is refreshing with something of a Caribbean feel with a Ry Cooder-like slide guitar style.

The album closes with a strong performance of Willie Dixon’s classic “Back Door Man.” It is the only non-original on the album and a tremendous way to close things out.

Guest artists on Overnight Success include keyboard whiz Steve Kerin, Ron Sorn on harmonica, and Blues Music Award nominee Jimmy Carpenter on saxophone.

It may have taken several years between recordings, but you don’t want to mess with art. Get it right before letting it loose on the public. That’s exactly what has happened here. Overnight Success has been given the right amount of creativeness and timing to bring it to its perfect result. Another amazing release from Billy D & The Hoodoos!

Total Time: 42:21

Can’t Get Over You / I Gotta Know / Movieland Blues / Cry Baby Cry / It Must Be Love / Please Don’t Go / Can’t Take It Anymore / Love Me Forever / Rokdablu / Mornin’ / Back Door Man