Vicki Stevens & Sonny Hess

Vicki Stevens Sonny Hess CD cover

Vicki Stevens Sonny Hess CD coverBlues Alchemy

Four of the six selections are well-known covers. But in the vocal chords of Vicki, “29 Ways,” “Built For Comfort” and “Groove Me” really takes flight. A couple of Sonny’s original songs have appeared previously on her All Aces CD, but they are a nice mix to showcase the new act as well. I particularly enjoy the new version of “Lie Myself” with Vicki taking the vocal lead. It sounds incredible and even more haunting, with Kevin LaBaron handing out exceptional saxophone and Sonny’s intense guitar work is one of her best outings ever. Add to that the popping bass of Jim Hively and Kelly Pierce’s driving drums, it is the perfect ensemble of this band at work.

A fine release that makes you want to hear more of this grouping. Cannot wait to see what they do next.

Total Time: 27:55

29 Ways / Groove Me / Built For Comfort / I’m Not Leaving You / Lie Myself / Pack It Up