Blues And Rags
Junior Records

Tevis Hodge Jr CD cover             Tevis Hodge Jr. has certainly had a busy summer. Besides winning the Cascade Blues Association’s Journey to Memphis competition as a solo entry, he has also crafted this outstanding five-song EP. Titled Blues And Rags, this is completely original material that shows his deep understanding of early blues forms and sounds. The guitar work on this solo effort is impeccable. Nice clean sound and tone with spot-on phrasing. The fact that he can sound like the musicians of the 1920-40s Delta and Piedmont is uncanny. In fact, the second number on this album, “Ain’t No Tellin’,” comes across as a long-lost Mississippi John Hurt piece; though I am pretty sure that Hurt would’ve never thought of the phrase about his good girl busting a cap in you. Hodge’s charcoal-infused vocals fit the numbers precisely and add an even more in-depth feel for artists from those by-gone years. Good blues is timeless. These tracks sit well alongside masters like Son House or Rev. Gary Davis.

I find myself listening to the CD endlessly. As soon as the five songs finish I just keep it rolling over and over again and discovering more appreciation for such exceptional creativity. I once called Tevis Hodge Jr. on stage a young man with an old blues soul. These selections bear witness to that. He has said that he is working on more material for a future full-length album; that has me in heavy anticipation waiting to see what he will do next. Definitely an artist I will keep a close eye on and I suggest you do the same. Start off now and pick up this incredible debut recording. If you’re a fan of acoustic and early blues, it will fit your listening ear perfectly.

Total Time: 19:27

Sweet Road Blues / Ain’t No Tellin’ / Jelly Bean Rootwork / Bozehovia Rag / That Girl