by Shelley Swaffer

 Not much to report on this month as I am still recovering from the fabulous Waterfront Blues Festival. I hope you all had the opportunity to attend at least once. Each day brought new and wonderful experiences.

The CBA has had an out pouring from the community for its need for a new office space. While we have not yet decided where we will end up we will keep you informed. I want to send a special “shout out” to those members who have offered us space. Thank you

We are currently very busy with the details for the Membership Picnic and hope all are planning to attend. We are very much in need of volunteers so contact us when you get there and offer a couple of hours of your day to help us pull off this great event.

There is a change to the line-up. Sonny Hess and Vicki Stevens have another engagement so they will be starting the show and Alan Hagar and his special guest will be ending the show during the 5:00 hour.

Hope this finds all of you well and looking forward to our up-coming event and most especially getting out to appreciate our live music so you are ready to vote when the Muddy Awards come up next month!!

Hope to see you at the picnic!