I just want to take a minute to thank the Portland clubs that hired [And paid], Bolt Upright in 2012. Thanks to Montavilla Station for giving us a great place to stage our Sunday Blues Jam. Every week is an exciting mix of new and old friends and great musicianship. Also,The Blue Diamond/The Lodge/Mad Greek Deli/ The M&M Lounge/ and the now closed Knuckleheads. We hope to add to this list of venues in the New Year. I want to also thank my wife Susie and friend Lynn Axtell for helping me continue to perform with Bolt Upright. We’ve been doing it since 2001 so we’re in our 12th year together and I hope to continue for a long while. Also, I personally thank Chad Rupp/Norman Sylvester/Dub DeBrie/Ken M./Angel Bouchet/The Bros.of Baladi/Lady True Blue/LaRhonda Steele/ Sandy Sanders/Kerry Dean Stickler and Danny Hay Davis for hiring me to play with them this past year and to Jeff Knudson for recording our 2012 Bolt Upright disk! Band leaders, please call on me in 2013 if you need a singing drummer! The Beat Goes On!