I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of the amazing volunteers that took time out of their days and nights during the Waterfront Blues Festival to help us in the CBA booth.

Thank you for your support, your time and your dedication during the Festival. You were all “over the top” fabulous. Arriving on time, talking to so many people and just doing whatever needed to be done. We couldn’t have pulled these four days off without your help. We exceeded our goal and we did it because you helped! We have the best blues community on the planet!!

So who were these amazing individuals you might ask – well the list is long – but here goes (and I pray I didn’t forget anyone!!): Teresa Brennan, Jim Fisher, Terri Schwarz, Bonita Davis, Rick Ivie, Kim McClain, Mike Prorini, Allen Raines, Jon Pierce, Tom Rich, Holly Thomas, Camelia Moss, Jeff Hayes, Carol Hamley, Robert Freeman, Shelly Hallsted, Linda Clark Carpenter, Andrea Stellar, Doug Simovic, Barry Gorden, Jinx Kuehn, Steve Broderick, Richard LaChapelle, Ann Ziegler, Dave Howard, Jody Gunn, Toni Martin, Law Broili, Carson, Art Bullis, Jane Clair Kerin, Julie Goss, Diane Miller, Rita Childs, Tamara Koedoot, Don Geren, Will Crowe, Beth Lucchi, Glenn Cannard, Steve Jacobsen, Maria Elena, Susanne Feigum, Jamey Winchester, Norma Jean Winchester, Ron Bend, Fred Morgan, Karen Lovely, Carl Lehman, and Scott Van Dusen. I sincerely hope I didn’t forget anyone but if I did – please let me know!

It was a pleasure meeting all of you, some for the first time, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. We sold a ton of memberships and even sold out of many of the merchandise items. Should you have feedback for us on how to do things better or items you wish we were selling – we welcome that feedback. Just drop us a note or talk to one of the board members at the CBA meeting.

On behalf of the entire CBA Board – WE THANK YOU!

Wendy Schumer, VP Cascade Blues Association