It’s a couple months away, but we want to give ample notice that deadlines for our November issue will be a week early. Instead of the normal, 15th of the month, the deadline will be Wednesday, October 8th. Thank you in advance for your help in getting your items in early. For calendar submissions, and for all other CBA and BluesNotes business, Thank you for your continued support.

Have you ever thought about getting more involved? Well now is the time!!  You can choose to be a part of the CBA Board or a volunteer – whatever you choose – we welcome (and need) your help.

We have open At-Large Board positions available for those who would like to get in behind the scenes and make our events happen.  Just think – you can take part in shaping and influencing this great organization.  You can help us keep it running on a monthly basis. We really do rely on you – our members – to continue to make the CBA better and better.

Yes, it’s fun and games – because if it isn’t fun – why do it!  But don’t be fooled – we do work! Board members attend the monthly board meetings where we discuss budget, membership, merchandise, sponsorships and events.  We do ask that each board member take a turn at the merchandise booth at our monthly membership meetings at least once a year and help out at various events – but actually – that’s the fun part!

Do you have a special skill or talent – like managing databases or financial statements?  Running the CBA takes skill (we are a non-profit business) sometimes above and beyond just loving the promotion of blues.  We have a need for help in a variety of areas and I bet there’s something here for you!!  Officer positions naturally take more time – when considering running for either the Membership Secretary or Treasurer positions, we require that you have sufficient background to fill the needs of the Cascade Blues Association. The Membership Secretary maintains the membership information, renewals and address changes that require the ability to keep up an ever-changing spread-sheet and a knowledge of mailing is also preferred. The Treasurer must be able to balance the CBA’s bank accounts, pay due bills on time and keep funds at the Post Office readily available for BluesNotes mailings. The Treasurer is also responsible for maintaining all business filings for annual taxes. These are the two positions that require the most knowledge to keep up, so consider the expectations if you select to run for these officer spots.

Do you just want to be a volunteer with no board commitment – well guess what – we have things you can do! Some options are maintaining merchandise, working with a volunteer list, BluesNotes distribution, writing for the BluesNotes. These functions do not have to be handled by board members. If this interests you please let someone on the current board know!

Every year we put out a request for members to get involved. This year is no different other than we really REALLY do need your help.  Please consider this great opportunity and if your schedule and interests allow – then come join us!  Get involved.

You are welcome to attend one of our monthly Board meetings at 2020 SE 7th (about four blocks south of the old Duff’s Garage), the third Tuesday following the monthly General Membership Meeting.

Have you ever thought about becoming a member of the Board of Directors for the Cascade Blues Association? The election for the Officer positions takes place at the December General Membership Meeting, but it is not too early to throw your name into the hat if you would like to be placed on the ballot. The Officer positions that will be voted on in December include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary. If you decide to run, please write a little bio about yourself, your background with the blues and why you feel you would make a good addition to the CBA. Submit this Read more

by Shelley Swaffer

 Not much to report on this month as I am still recovering from the fabulous Waterfront Blues Festival. I hope you all had the opportunity to attend at least once. Each day brought new and wonderful experiences.

The CBA has had an out pouring from the community for its need for a new office space. While we have not yet decided where we will end up we will keep you informed. I want to send a special “shout out” to those members who have offered us space. Thank you

We are currently very busy with the details for the Membership Picnic and hope all are planning to attend. We are very much in need of volunteers so contact us when you get there and offer a couple of hours of your day to help us pull off this great event.

There is a change to the line-up. Sonny Hess and Vicki Stevens have another engagement so they will be starting the show and Alan Hagar and his special guest will be ending the show during the 5:00 hour.

Hope this finds all of you well and looking forward to our up-coming event and most especially getting out to appreciate our live music so you are ready to vote when the Muddy Awards come up next month!!

Hope to see you at the picnic!