Have you ever thought about becoming a member of the Board of Directors for the Cascade Blues Association? The election for the Officer positions takes place at the December General Membership Meeting, but it is not too early to throw your name into the hat if you would like to be placed on the ballot. The Officer positions that will be voted on in December include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary. If you decide to run, please write a little bio about yourself, your background with the blues and why you feel you would make a good addition to the CBA. Submit this to Intent To Run c/o Cascade Blues Association, PO Box 14493, Portland, Oregon 97293 or e-mail to cbastaff@cascadeblues.org no later than Tuesday, November 13th so we may place this in the December issue of the BluesNotes and on our website so the members will know a little about you. You can submit your intent to run up to December 2nd to appear on the ballot, but these late requests will not allow you to inform the members who you are. Write-ins are accepted on the actual ballot, but we expect that anybody written has agreed to hold the position if elected.

These are working positions; it will take a piece of your time to hold these roles. When considering running for either the Membership Secretary or Treasurer positions, we require that you have sufficient background to fill the needs of the Cascade Blues Association. The Membership Secretary maintains the membership information, renewals and address changes that require the ability to keep up an ever-changing spread-sheet and a knowledge of mailing is also preferred. The Treasurer must be able to balance the CBA’s bank accounts, pay due bills on time and keep funds at the Post Office readily available for BluesNotes mailings. The Treasurer is also responsible for maintaining all business filings for annual taxes. These are the two positions that require the most knowledge to keep up, so consider the expectations if you select to run for these officer spots.

If you do not want to hold an Officer position, but still would like to be considered for a member of the Board of Directors in an At-Large Board Member position, you are welcome to attend one of our monthly Board meetings at 2020 SE 7th (about four blocks south of Duff’s Garage), the third Tuesday following the monthly General Membership Meeting. Come out, see what we do and if interested submit a written request which will be voted on by the current Elected Officers. Please remember, these are working positions. We do a lot throughout the year that requires attention and work. We currently have only two At-Large Board Members; the by-laws allow us to have up to 15 members including the five Officer positions.