Well, we do not typically anticipate having to make some small changes now and then, but sometimes we just cannot help it. Please make note that our monthly membership meetings in both January and February will not be taking place on the first Wednesday of the month.

The first Wednesday in January falls on the New Years Day holiday and, like most people, the staff at The Melody Ballroom would likely enjoy spending it with their families, so we will be holding our meeting the following week on Wednesday, January 8th.

In February, we will be holding the meeting on the first Thursday of the month, the 6th. This is to allow The Melody Ballroom to schedule a huge party with more than 450 people attending. We are donated the use of the room every month and this is the first time I can recall in the many years we’ve been at The Melody that they have asked us to make this exception, so it is only fair that we make the move to allow them to be able to host this paying event. It is only one night later, something we have done with the Muddy Awards every year.

One other date change of note for now, a great deal of the Board of Directors will be traveling to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge. So in order to still have a Board meeting for the month, and to have a quorum for voting purposes, we will be moving this meeting to January 14th. Board meetings are open for all to attend and we are currently seeking At Large members to help us out. Let us know in advance if you wish to attend as the office is in a secure building and we’d have to let you in. The office is located at 2020 SE 7th, just about four blocks south of Duff’s Garage.

Meeting times are still the same. 7:00 pm for the membership meetings and 6:30 for the board meetings. Thank you for understanding.