The BluesNotes is published monthly by the Cascade Blues Association (CBA). Approximately 5,000 copies are printed and distributed to over 50 locations in the greater Portland area and beyond. The BluesNotes is mailed directly to over 1000 CBA members each month.

The BluesNotes provides a comprehensive look at what’s happening in the Portland Blues scene every month. Articles feature local bands, venues, coverage of concerts, interviews, record reviews, historical information and the latest on Blues music and the Blues entertainment scene near and far. With distribution throughout the city at restaurants, taverns, music stores, bookstores and other accessible locations, the BluesNotes is easily found and avidly read by thousands of music fans of all backgrounds and preferences.
The BluesNotes is an inexpensive advertising vehicle for reaching a large population of people with interests in music, especially Blues music! You can save by placing your ad in multiple issues.

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All ads should be electronic camera ready, otherwise graphics production charges (paste-up) will be added at a rate of $60/hour with a minimum of $25. Call for additional sizes, rates and custom graphic production to suit your needs. The deadline for advertising is generally the 15th of the month prior to publication or the Friday prior to that if the 15th falls on a weekend. If the ad isn’t camera ready and we must do the production, the deadline is the 7th of the month prior to publication. Ads should be e-mailed to:

NEW ADDITION! You can now reach more people by advertising on our website at  Banner ads, which are approximately 2” x 2” can be purchased at a rate of $50/month or if you advertise in the BluesNotes, your ad on our website is only $25/month!Terms: Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. All checks should be made payable to the Cascade Blues Association and submitted to the CBA, PO Box 14493, Portland, OR 97293-0493.

– Laurie Morrisey, BluesNotes Editor (503) 223-1850