Guitarist and songwriter Corey Kennedy has been described as an alternative, punk, blues, folk, indie artist hailing from Akron, Ohio. That covers a lot of ground in one breath, which only goes deeper with his own description of his act on his Facebook page, “If Jim Morrison and Jack White got white girl wasted at a dive bar in the afterlife, and sang ‘Missed The Boat’ by Modest Mouse, the squeaky and slurred mumbles would be somewhat similar to the anxious blues tone that is Corey & The Tribe. Sifting in between the sheets of blues and rock, remnants of the old times and the modern age of sounds have been married into an anxious foot tapping frenzy.” This is truly an eclectic presentation of music that just may have a little flavor for everyone.

Corey & The Tribe’s will be hitting Duff’s Garage, 2530 NE 82nd, Tuesday, March 28 for an 8:00 pm show. Admission is $5.00.