For the past few months, the Dover Weinberg Quartet has been extremely fortunate to have had our good friend and world-class guitarist, Alan Hager, join us for some pretty serious music in a not-so-serious setting for our Tuesday nights at Duff’s Garage. Alan always brings the right touch to the stage, whether we’ve delved into the trove of Tommy Johnson, the funkiness of Johnny “Guitar” Watson, the grit of Muddy Waters, or the hard bop of Charlie Parker. He’ll still be working with us for a few more of these in February, but, with the return of Chris Carlson, there are only a couple more chances for you to catch this incredible talent in a fully supportive ensemble of band mates and friends. Thanks, Alan. You’ve elevated our game each time you’re with us. While we’re at it, we’d also like to thank Duff’s owners, Jon and Jennifer Wallace, and bartender, Chris Olson, for giving us a home where we can just do our thing.

The Dover Weinberg Quartet – with the rhythm section of Kelly Dunn and Dave Kahl – sets a solid bar for others, not by their musical capacities and capabilities, alone, but by just playing the tunes for their own sake, finding the joy and adventure in each one, and sharing the goodwill with a very receptive and supportive audience. From 9pm to midnight, you can catch these guys, as well as a bunch of other truly special players who regularly sit in.

While we’re at it, let’s add a welcome home to Chris Carlson and Duffy Bishop. You two have been deeply missed. Maybe you folks ought to come out and say so, yourselves. It’ll only cost you a $3.00 cover charge. Duff’s is located on S.E. 7th Avenue at the corner of Market Street. You can’t miss it. It’s where all the noise and laughter is coming from.