When it comes to the blues in Portland, one name always rises to the top of everyone’s favorite list: Lloyd Jones. With a career spanning more than forty-five years, from Brown Sugar to In Yo’ Face to The Struggle to Soul Cookin’, Lloyd is the master of the soulful understatement and down-in-the-alley groovin’ blues.

lloyd jones - photo by Greg JohnsonA year ago, Lloyd Jones celebrated his 65th with a big time show at Duff’s Garage. So many people came that night that many were turned away at the door because there just was not enough room to hold all of those friends. Since it was so much fun, he’s going to do it all over again, bringing The Struggle along with several other surprise guests.

“I only do this once in a great while because people under 60 don’t know we exist and everyone I know over 60 are dead,” Lloyd remarks. “So email a ‘live’ person (or load up on meds) and actually come out and dig on the ‘Crushing Funkstivity’ that is ‘The Struggle’ before we head to Europe and the East Coast!!!!

It all happens again at Duff’s Garage, 2530 NE 82nd on Friday, May 20 at 9:00 pm. Make sure to arrive early enough, because this one is going to be packed again! Come out and wish Lloyd a happy birthday!