Jigsaw Heart
Yellow Dog Records

Eden Brent CD coverEden Brent returns with her first release since 2010’s highly acclaimed Ain’t Got No Troubles, and she fills fan cravings for the bluesy, boogie numbers she is best known for and even throws in a little rockabilly. But what really makes this new album Jigsaw Heart stand out is the slower intimate numbers that only she can deliver with her deep Southern crying vocals that pulls at your heart as she relates life’s deepest secrets.

Recorded in Nashville under the oversight of Colin Linden and using some of the city’s finest musicians, Eden has created a true epic collection that just may be the best of her career so far. Amongst the artists she brings to the table, Linden supplies outstanding guitar and a little mandolin on the Jimmy Phillips’ number “Panther Burn” (Phillips had also penned the track “Fried Chicken” on her Mississippi Number One album). Dan Dugmore throws down some nice pedal steel guitar and The McCrary Sisters are on hand to provide over the top backing vocals.

For those seeking that tear it up boogie piano that Eden does so well, you will enjoy the work-out on “”Everybody Already Knows” where she relates how living in a small town makes it tough to keep secrets, because word seems to spread quickly in such an environment. “Let’s Go Ahead And Fall In Love” offers a little honky tonk piano with a heavy dose of sexual double entendres and “Locomotive” brings out a Johnny Cash styled rockabilly pace.

Covering Joan Armatrading’s “Opportunity” is definitely a high point on Jigsaw Heart as it comes across haunting and street wise. Eden performs the number on a Wurlitzer organ with sensational backing from The McCrary Sisters

Which leads back to those slower paced numbers that make Jigsaw Heart the essential recording it is. The title track tells of broken hearts and how trying to piece life together is like a jigsaw puzzle that is missing several key pieces to complete it. “The Last Time” is the story of memories of a friend who has passed away and how thoughts will always return of that very last time spent together. On “Better This Way” she has come to the realization that a relationship has come to an end and it’s time to face that parting is the best route to take. Eden claims that this song is the only one that she has ever written that made her cry while writing it. “Valentine” was written by Colin Linden and Tom Hambridge. It’s a stripped down number that has Eden wearing her heart on her sleeve with tender accompaniment from Chris Carmichael on violin that is heart wrenching number that can bring tears while listening to it.

Jigsaw Heart is a beautifully, well-crafted recording full of emotion and Eden Brent has certainly outdone herself one more time. Masterful piano playing, impactful lyrics and vocalizing that may bring you to tears at times or smiling broadly at others. Another winning collection from Eden. She just keeps getting better every time out.

Total Time: 47:55

Better This Way / Everybody Already Knows / Jigsaw Heart / Opportunity / I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free / The Last Time / Panther Burn / Let’s Go Ahead And Fall In Love / Tendin’ To A Broken Heart / Locomotive / Get The Hell Out Of Dodge / Valentine