Hey Everybody,

Nice seein’ you again. The CD Release Party at Trail’s End was a blast!… We were glad to see so many new faces mixed in with a lot of you Stinger veterans. And a fine party it was! We shot a video, recorded the whole shebang, and the Portland Blues and Jazz Dance Society showed us how it was done all night long!

A big shout out to Eric, Cindy, Darlene, Tina, and the rest of the staff from Trail’s End, all the Fans(old and new), Jeri(My Babe), Paula(Timmer’s Babe), Chrissy(Jason’sBabe), Jane(steve’s Babe), Rick Gordon from American Sound, and Rob Trujillo and Sam, the video guys from Rock PDX…Many thanks from the band! I’d be totally remiss if I didn’t thank Steve Kerin on keyboards, and Scott Franklin, who joined us on saxophone for most of the evening!

June finds the band out of town for the whole month, except for a Blue Diamond appearance on the 8th. Come see us that night and maybe you’ll be part of another video we’re shooting!

Be sure to get out and support LIVE BLUES MUSIC!!! somewhere this month, and don’t forget to “CATCH A BLUES BUZZ!!!”