Golden State Lone Star Revue
Electro-Fi Records

Golden State Lone Star Revue CD coverAs a little history lesson, during the war years there was a migration of many African Americans looking for better income and life-styles from the South to places like Chicago and Detroit in the Midwest, but there were many other who looked west as well towards California, with its industries, such as ship building, for employment. Among those making the change of residence included many of the great musicians of our time. Moving from Texas to California were the likes of T-Bone Walker, Lowell Fulson, Charles Brown, Sonny Rhodes, and Jimmy McCracklin. From these musicians and the others who followed developed a unique sound emerging from cities like Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Francisco — a sound that did not fall too far from the original, Texas-based blues family tree.

With that said, it is not surprising how well the blend of Californian and Texan musicians can still sound so right nowadays. To prove that, one listen to the Golden State Lone Star Revue will be more than convincing. Harmonica ace Mark Hummel fronts this grouping, blowing his always sensational harmonica and providing vocals. But when you throw in two of the most monstrous guitar cats ever in Little Charlie Baty and Anson Funderburgh things really get brought to a boil that makes you crave this swinging groove of blues. And don’t forget the blend of rhythm section RW Grigsby and Wes Starr that drives the whole of the sum. This is an all-star band if ever there was one.

Hummel provides some of his classic songwriting on a handful of tunes that speaks traditional-styled blues to a tee. They make you start finger-popping and head nodding from the get-go with tracks like “Prove It To You” or “Lucky Kewpie Doll,” or the smooth slow blues in “Cool To Be Your Fool” that makes you kick back and listen that might bring thoughts of Charles Brown, especially with the piano work of guest Jim Pugh. Bassist Grigsby also brings his tune “Detroit Blues” to the mix. Along with the originals, there are plenty of covers of great Texan musicians such as Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown’s “Midnight Hour,” Lee Allen’s “Walking With Mr Lee,” Lowell Fulson on “Check Yourself,” and Jimmy McCracklin’s “Georgia Slop.” Funderburgh offers a nice BB King-styled tribute to the late BB King on the traditional number “Pepper Mama” with strong vocals from Hummel.

This sensational offering of blues done right was crafted at Kid Anderson’s Greaseland Studios. For anybody who loves their blues presented straight-forward and with class the Golden State Lone Star Blues Revue is exactly what you’re looking for.

Total Time: 57:00

Midnight Hour / Here’s My Picture / Prove It To You / Cool To Be Your Fool / Check Yourself / Stop This World / Take A Chance / Lucky Kewpie Doll / Pepper Mama / Walking With Mr Lee / Detroit Blues / Georgia Slop / Dim Lights / End Of The World