Lloyd Jones Tours Netherlands in July!

 First of all I would like to thank Greg and everyone at the CBA for your kind support of Teresa James visit to Jimmy Mak’s last month, and the enormous effort ya’ll put into supporting this music during festival time (and all through the year)! You help make this a vibrant and healthy music community!

 This July I will miss the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival for the first time…but, it’s exciting!

I will be playing seven shows in 12 days in Denmark & Norway! On the 4th of July I will be at an open air concert in Blaavand, Denmark called “God Bless America”! Wow, what’s that all about?!

 Then Saturday July 6th I will be at the Trandal Blues Festival in Aalesund, Norway. As it turns out, my ol’ pal Curtis Salgado will be playing that festival, too. Two Portland fella’s in NW Norway at the same festival! What are the odds of that? Your international diplomats are on the job baby!

 Please check other dates at www.lloydjonesmusic.com

 Also, I’ll be back at the Muddy Rudder on Mondays starting July 15th.

 Have a wonderful Waterfront Blues Festival here in funky P.O.!


Lloyd Jones
“Groove Merchant”