During the late ’70s, Rockpile was the touring band for both Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe. Like Edmunds, the band was passionate about traditional rock & roll. Like Lowe, the band played with a reckless, trashy abandon. Driven by the powerful rhythm section of drummer Terry Williams and Lowe’s bass, guitarists Billy Bremner and Edmunds were free to spit out crushing rock, blues, rockabilly, and country licks. With their fierce live energy and unpretentious rock & roll, the band fit easily into the post-punk new wave at the end of the decade. Although they only released one album as a group — 1980’s Seconds of Pleasure — the band provided support for most of the albums Lowe and Edmunds recorded in the late ’70s. After the rushed release of Seconds of Pleasure, the band toured one last time before splitting apart, largely due to mismanagement. (AllMusic.com)

The band nevertheless was inspirational for many musicians. Coming on Saturday, January 24th, a group of local musicians including members of The Sportin’ Lifers (Whit Draper, Erin Wallace and Steve Cleveland), Albert Reda, Jonathan Beyer and guests Jeremy Wilson, Steve Lockwood, Sean Flora and possibly Jim Wallace, will be presenting a tribute show to the band at Duff’s Garage,2530 NE 82nd. With this bluesy grouping you know it’s going to fun, so come out and hear some of those great old tunes like “You Ain’t Nothing But Fine,” “A Knife And A Fork,” “Pet You And Hold You,” “Teacher Teacher” and more than likely a number of Nick Lowe and Dave Edmonds solo material, too. Showtime is 9:00 pm.