Little G Weevil CD coverHaving originally come to the United States from Budapest, Hungary, one really would not believe that Gabor Szucs could possibly possess the knowledge and skills to play truly authentic sounding blues. But that notion would clearly be a fallacy.  Szucs, better known as Little G Weevil, proved exactly that by taking the title in the solo/duo competition at the 2013 International Blues Challenge in Memphis.

Little G Weevil was your typical young guitarist fond of rock music when his brother brought home an album by John Lee Hooker. And that mystical sound that he heard on that disc enchanted him, telling him that this was the music he was destined to pursue. Pursue it he did, making the move to the United States and the home of the blues in Memphis where he worked as a dishwasher in the clubs on Beale Street and busked in his free time. Moving to Kennesaw, Georgia he found himself immersing ever more deeply into the acoustic music of Hooker and Lightnin’ Hopkins.

Moving is Little G Weevil’s third release since moving to the United States, following up on the critically acclaimed disc The Teaser. Though that last release focused more on his working with a band, taking cue from his success at the International Blues Challenge this new album is totally acoustic. Using a single microphone in a 15 X 20 room, the recordings capture that same type of mood and sound that the field recorders or recording engineers gained by using off the cuff locations like hotel rooms or booths in furniture stores in the 1930s. Extra mics were set in the room when Weevil utilized a band for a handful of the tracks. The band all playing acoustically as well, included Adam Goodhue on drums, Dustin “Red” Sargent on upright bass and Maurice Nazarro on harmonica and Danny Vinson on guitar, the latter two members of the Atlanta-based band The Cazanovas.

The album features 11 originals by Weevil and a cover of Walter Davis’ “Let’s Talk It Over (Come Back Baby).” Each of the numbers showcase intense, sharp guitar work by Weevil, including a bit of cigar-box on two selections. The sound quality is so in tune with the manner that it was recorded in, that you almost feel like you’re sitting across the room facing Weevil directly as he is playing to you. It is that intimate and possessing. Opening with the Delta-inflected “Shook It And Broke It,” the piece is a slide tune that has a Son House feel to it. It sets the tempo for the album,  that can go forth in patterns of Delta guitar, heavy Hill Country beats, greasy or down right haunting in both vocals and playing. These songs reach into your soul and have a way of sticking in your mind. Little G Weevil has created an acoustic blues master-work with Moving. It steps back into the blues of the past but maintains its foothold in the sound of today.

Total Time: 40:57

Shook It And Boke It / On My Way To Memphis / Mean And Dirty / Boogie Through My Troubles / Let Someone Else Do All The Work / Deep Bow / Advice / Moving / No Man In My Bed / Fastest Man / Let’s Talk It Over (Come Back Baby) / Swing In The Middle