Artist Title Release Date Label
Barbara Healy & Her Groove Too Band Shades Of Blue March McKenna Records Company
CD Woodbury Band Monday Night! June Wide Willie Productions
Coyote Kings & Mush Nasty Habits & Dirty Little Secrets April Twin Lion
Dave Mathis In Your Face February Self Produced
David Vest East Meets Vest October Ark-O-Matic
Franco & The Stingers I Like It Just Like That February Self Produced
Hank Shreve Band I’ve Had It June Boogie Boss Records
Hard Garden (EP) Extended Play #1 July Self Produced
Howard Wade Leave The Blues Behind November Self Produced
Jim Mesi Band I’m Ready May Self Produced
Jimmie Lloyd Rea & The Switchmasters American Boogie Man September Blue Hat Records
Ken Derouchie Band Muse July Self Produced
Kevin Selfe Long Walk Home February Delta Groove
Lady A How Did I Get Here? July Self Produced
Lauren Sheehan The Light Still Burns May Wilson River Records
Leonard Griffie Give It To Me August Self Produced
Paul JoneZ Friends: Passed & Present December Criminal Records
Rae Gordon Blue Lemonade February Self Produced
RJ Knapp & Honey Robin Don’t Blame The Dynamite . . . If You Can’t Light The Fuse December Critical Sun
Steve Kerin Joy May Song Isle Publishing
Tevis Hodge Jr Blues and Rags August Junior Records
The Chameleons The Chameleons featuring Nico Wind January Self Produced
The New Iberians Pingaddamidy! May Argess Records
Vicki Stevens & Sonny Hess Blues Alchemy February Self Produced