New Iberians CD cover Pingaddamidy

New Iberians CD cover PingaddamidyPingaddamidy!
Argess Records

Portland’s favorite purveyors of good-time Cajun and zydeco are back at it again with a brand new release, Pingaddamidy!, that proves that a band does not have to hail from Louisiana to do this music right. The New Iberians have been showcasing their local blend of blues and zydeco for a number of years and are always the life of any dance party.

Pingaddamidy! was recorded at Falcon Studios under the ever keen direction of Terry Robb and Dennis Carter. These guys know how to capture the true essence and talent of the performers they work with, and with The New Iberians it’d be hard to miss with such stellar players on hand. Evan Shlaes is front and center on every track with his cool hand accordion and vocals, enhanced by Claes Almroth’s harmonica and Paul Bassette’s rubboard providing a truly authentic sound.

These are songs that are meant to be danced to and if you can make it through the opening track “Are You Ready?” without feeling the urge to move around, you might want to check your pulse. It’s just natural to want to get up and shake it with The New Iberians. The feeling holds throughout the nine selections on the disc, all originals written by Evan Shlaes, with themes about barbecue, holding Sundays close to his heart as the day his baby and he get to spend together, and gathering for a second line with mention of some of Louisiana’s most favored musicians leading the way.

For those with a passion for all things Louisiana-based, zydeco or just plain fun, Pingaddamidy! will keep you happy with much repeated plays for sure. Oh yeah, if you’re trying to figure out how to pronounce the title, it is Creole slang for “Pink God Almighty.”

Total time: 35:53

Are You Ready? / The Barbecue Song / Mercy / Soul Creole / Port Soleil / Pingaddamidy! / Sweet Sunday / Place In The Sun / Second Line