Greg Johnson / CBA President

Wow, just where has the time gone? Things seem to be flying by as of late. It seems like the Waterfront Blues Festival and the summer picnic were both just a couple of weeks ago. But we’ve already stormed past those as well as the annual rummage sale and now we’re full steam ahead working on this year’s Muddy Awards and making plans for the holiday party.

And let’s not forget about the annual voting for the elected officer positions. Though it seems like a ways off, the Cascade Blues Association truly does need your assistance. Running the organization and all of our events is quite a chore for only a handful of people. even if it’s just three or more joining on board can make a world of difference from the shoulders of the few. You do not need to apply for an elected position, there are openings with the At-Large spots and we can use your skills with merchandising, finances and a number of other projects.

Or you can simply volunteer your time. Having Richard LaChapelle has been a godsend to us with the amount of time and work that he does. He has not committed to becoming a board member, but he always shows up for board meetings and is the first to jump in to help with any of our events. In fact, he has been taking on a lot of the volunteer sign-up responsibilities which is an immense undertaking of its own. Thank you Richard, you really cannot imagine how much you are appreciated by the board.

Please consider giving a little of your time to the CBA if you’re able. We only have board meetings once a month and overall it is a lot of fun and the people are great to work with.

Aside from the business, I want to note what a fantastic night was had at the White Eagle this last month with the rare visit by Pete Karnes. I had not seen Pete perform in close to thirty years, as the last time he came around in 2010 I was somewhere in the air between Memphis, Denver and Portland returning from the International Blues Challenge. It brought back a lot of memories from those White Eagle show days of the late 70s and early 80s where I spent a many a night. And seeing old faces from so long ago mixed with those who’d never had the chance to see the original band’s days made it a magical show.

Okay, a little more business, don’t forget to send in your Muddy Award ballots. I say this every year, if you do not take the time to send in your votes, then you really can’t complain about the outcome. And if you’re not a member and you’re complaining, it’s falling on deaf ears buddy, this is a members only ballot. If you want to have your say, join the CBA. It’s easy to join and has a lot of perks that ends up rewarding you many times over what the annual dues cost if you take advantage of them.

So, let’s see, we’ve covered board positions and Muddy ballots. Is there anything else? Oh yeah, get out there and support our blues musicians and venues as often as you can. Without your support the scene is not what it can and should be. Get your butts in the seats, feet on the dance floor, pay that cover and throw a little something extra in the tip jar and to the venue staff. Support and promote the music that we love. And most of all, just have fun!