Ramblings On My Mind


ramblings201306BNGreg Johnson / CBA President

You know the one thing I truly hate about summertime in Portland? There is just too much happening in town and around the region to keep up trying to see it all. There is just no way that can happen, physically and financially. But I have to get out there as often as I can to see what I can. Thankfully, summer is coming to a close and things will lighten up . . . not a chance. This is Portland after all and we have been blessed with such a great scene for the blues and music. It never lets up. Just check out the upcoming events and the CBA calendar.

But what a fantastic summer it has been. Festivals, touring acts hitting town, catching up with local favorites I haven’t seen for a while, checking out new locations and bands, plus the CBA picnic and moving our offices . . . it has all run together and the summer just seemed to slip on by. And for all those people who think Portland doesn’t get any sun, what can we say? This summer has been spectacular with temperatures not getting too out of hand for the most part.

The music is not going to end with the calendar and the CBA surely has enough going on to keep us busy on the board of directors. The CBA Rummage Sale is our next event, with big time kudos to Rae Gordon for organizing it once again. The Muddy Awards ballots are out and we also are accepting submissions for The Blues Foundation’s Best Self-Produced CD competition. The Holiday Party needs to be put together and we have to push helping Ben Rice and Tevis Hodge raise money for their participation in the International Blues Challenge . . . please attend their shows and any events they put together to help them out. Make your plans now to attend both the Muddy Awards and the Holiday Party. Dates have been set for both at The Melody Ballroom, November 7th for the Muddys and December 11th for the Holiday Party.

Remember that being a CBA member has its perks. You get into the monthly meetings for free as well as admission to the members only Summer Picnic and Holiday Party. You are allowed to cast your nominations and final voting on The Muddy Awards, which your membership also gets you into free. Discounts on many co-sponsored events throughout the year and you will have the BluesNotes delivered monthly. That’s quite a bargain when you consider it. If you’ve let your membership lapse, what is keeping you from renewing? Tell all of your friends what a great organization we have in town with the CBA helping to support, promote and preserve our outstanding blues community. You love the music, so join and help us out. You may even consider becoming a volunteer or a board member if you have the time.

But the most important thing to remember above all . . . get out to those venues and catch live music as often as possible. Pay the cover, throw money into the tip jars, purchase food and beverages, and enjoy yourselves. I’ll see you at one place or the other I’m sure.