Believe it or not, it’s now been a year that Soul Cookin’ – Lloyd Jones, Carlton Jackson, Dover Weinberg, and Dave Kahl – have been holding down the groove at Blackwell’s on Wednesdays and hosting a ridiculous lineup of talent that is mind-boggling. LaRhonda Steele, Karen Lovely, Curtis Salgado, Ural Thomas, Peter Dammann, Richard Arnold, Arietta Ward, Lloyd Allen, Peter Moss, Mike Klinger, Brian Harris, Lisa Mann, Allen Markel, and a whole bunch more have turned this into a veritable who’s who and what’s next kind of night.

From 8:30-11:30pm, the place is jumping with activity – joking, laughter, heckling, encouragement, and applause. It’s all in good fun and everyone gives as good as they receive. Located at 1815 N.E. 41st Avenue, across Sandy Boulevard from the Hollywood Theater, Blackwell’s has a great vibe. Roomy, but intimate, the sound in the club is stellar – strong and even, but not too loud. There’s a good menu – you can even get a night time breakfast – plenty of available parking, central location, and affordable prices. No cover makes this all the more compelling. Come out and join us. We’d love to see you.