Whiskey, Wine & Water
Self Produced

Stacy Jones CD coverThere is much to say about an artist who can transverse various genres and is still able to appeal to all the different directions that she’s taking. That is exactly what Stacy Jones does on her latest release Whiskey, Wine & Water. She has taken one step back from the blues focus of previous recordings and has her sights aimed a little more at alternate country and indie music, but it still has enough of the blues feeling holding it all together — kind of like Lucinda Williams, maybe. I certainly hear that in a track like ”Dreams” for example. But I hate to compare an artist doing their own thing with somebody else and I really like the path that Stacy is taking.

The blues is definitely evident in the first track, “Can’t Do Nothin’ Right.” Stacy rips into some vicious slide guitar here as Rick Bowen drives the pace on drums. Stacy remarks in the liner notes that she was with a group of people who she was seriously pissing off when she wrote this song and made everything better by claiming that couldn’t do anything right. It’s a jumping number that will get your blood pumping right away.

On “Momma” she is joined by guest Mark Riley for a bluesy Southern rock approach. Stacy’s voice soars alongside Riley’s slide work, who also appears on three other tracks. “Keep On Keepin’ On” holds a nice boogie pace with Stacy displaying more of her exceptional multi-instrumental talent as she works the harmonica. On the album she also plays piano, organ, various guitars, and even ukulele. I love the way that the title song, “Whiskey, Wine & Water,” rolls into an A Capella group sing-along accompanied by handclaps and foot-stomps midway through before breaking out with another harmonica burn leading to the climax of the number.

Alongside Stacy Jones’ own abundance of musical skills, she is joined by her long-time band members, the aforementioned Rick Bowen on drums and Tom Jones on bass, with support from Keith Sutton and Scott Denton on guitars and guest Jon Parry providing fiddle that offers a country feeling throughout.

Whiskey, Wine & Water is a terrific disc that should open more doors for Stacy with a pleasant blend of cross-over tracks. Four albums into her career and things are definitely looking upwards for this award-winning artist.

Total Time: 41:45

Can’t Do Nothin’ Right / You And Me, Tonight / Dreams / Hole In My Sole / Whiskey, Wine & Water / 4 Days More / To Be Loved / Momma / Keep On Keepin’ On / Lost Lovers Waltz / San Antonio / Waiting