Blues and roots fans know that the soundtrack to early rock’ n’ roll ran on three-minute instrumentals with sax in the lead, and was directly related to 1950s and 1960s New Orleans R&B hits, along with that deep-fried wildness that came from Memphis. With this history lesson, old school rock ‘n’ soul saxophonist and singer Terry Hanck makes perfect sense. Clearly, Hanck has worshipped at the right Southern altars–those of such iconic R&B brothers as Fats Domino, Ray Charles, B. B. King, Lee Allen and King Curtis. “I write songs that you think you’ve heard for years,” says the South Florida-based Hanck, who’s got suave movie-star looks and a good time presence that immutably anchors the old-style R&B he adores.

As Living Blues writer Lee Hildebrand testified, “Hanck is one of the most formidable saxophonists in the blues and soul business. He has a virile tone and attack and an uncanny command of upper-register notes.” But, whether it is a joyous jump blues romp or a steamy slow dance of a stroll–this is the kind of music that has mattered to the tall tenor man all his life.

Terry Hanck received the 2012 Blues Music Award for Horn Player and he is nominated once again this year. He will be returning to Portland for a show at Duff’s Garage on Thursday, May 16th, joined by an outstanding band of some of California’s finest sidemen, “Johnny Cat” Soubrand on Guitar, Butch Cousins on Drums and Tim Wagar on Bass. Tickets are $12.00 and this is a CBA co-sponsored event, so show your card at the door for a $1.00 discount. Duff’s Garage is located at 1635 SE 7th and showtime is 9:00 pm.