Topcat Records 20th Anniversary CD coverVarious Artists

Topcat Records

Topcat Records celebrates their twentieth anniversary by releasing this wonderful two-disc set that focuses on musicians from Texas as well as presenting some of the legendary artists of the genre who have had material released under the label’s name. It is filled with roadhouse blues, traditional and classic live recordings that document just how vital the music under their brand has been.

Texas musicians take the front seat in this collection, many you may know or are just hearing about here. They are all worthy of inclusion. Important pieces of the scene within Topcat’s Dallas home base and beyond. Jimmy Vaughan, Johnny Nicholas, Bugs Henderson, Hashbrown, Holland K. Smith, Jim Suhler, Mike Morgan, Tutu Jones, Kenny Traylor, UP Wilson are amongst those Lone Star State artists featured. And then there are the masters you’ll recognize from other parts such as Muddy Waters, Big Mama Thornton, George “Harmonica” Smith, former BB King trumpeter Calvin Owens, early blues great Jesse Thomas who recorded well into the 1990s, or Hollywood Fats with The Paladins. Many are no longer with us, but the music they made for Topcat lives on.

This is an exceptional collection from a label that continues to record and release valuable blues that should be heard, showcasing not only a vital and strong blues scene within Texas, but sharing the artists that keep the blues going on in the right path.

Total Time (Two Discs): 2:37:44

Disc One:

Blue Goose Blues (Jesse Thomas) / Kind Hearted Woman (Johnny Nicholas) / Down To The Bone (Edwin Holt) / Long Distance Call (Muddy Waters) / Mississippi River Blues (George Smith) / Hound Dog (Big Mama Thornton) / My Babe (Big Walter Horton) / Texas Flood (Jimmie Vaughan) / The Curly Stomp (Curly “Barefoot” Miller) / “C” Jam Blues (Bobby Chitwood) / Jump My Baby (Texas TopCats) / Pawnshop Bound (Tu-Tones) / Rollin’ And Tumblin’ (Josh Alan Band) / Tear It Up (Hollywood Fats & The Paladins) / Guitar Man (Cricket Taylor) / Rock Me (Alex Rossi & Phil Guy) / I’m Coming Home (Robert Ealey) / Butter Beans (Curly “Barefoot” Miller) / John The Revelator (Johnny Nicholas) / Boogie (Hashbrown)

Disc Two:

True Blue (Calvin Owens) / She Feels Good (Bugs Henderson) / What’s On Your Mind (Solon Fishone) / Welcome To The Game (Texas Slim) / Walkin’ Heart Attack (Holland K. Smith) / Texas Girl (Rocky Athas) / White Trash (Fernando Noronha) / Saint Peter Have Mercy (T. Buck Burns & Skip Clay) / Leopard Skin Mini Skirt (Kellar Thomas) / Remember (Bob Kirkpatrick) / The Girl That Radiates (Cold Blue Steel) / Sneakin’ Around (Kenny Traylor) / Oh My Baby’s Gone (Jim Suhler & Alan Haynes) / Tribute To Roy Buchanan (Big Gilson) / Heart Of Stone (Robin Sylar) / Well All Right Then (Mike Morgan) / Queen Of The Boucherie (Pat Mason) / Sugar Bee (Johnny Mack) / Cross Road (U.P. Wilson) / The Thrill Is Gone (Tutu Jones)