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Self Produced

NW Roots Uprising CD coverNW Roots Uprising is the brain child of Lucy Hammond. She has gathered many of the Northwest best blues and roots acts and given them an opportunity to record and collaborate with one another. This five-song EP is the first of a series of tracks recorded and co-produced by Kevin Nettleingham at his own award-winning studio, Nettleingham Audio. The artists involved may come from a number of genres, but all recognize the base of the blues that had its influence on what they play. This is nicely displayed on NW Roots Uprising Volume 1. Five artists, all with their own presentation and sound, but the songs all fit alongside with one another and flow nicely.

The disc opens with Ben Rice, the young guitar slinger and songwriter who has been carving a niche for himself in the Portland metro area for the past decade. “I Fall In Love Too Easily,” has Rice displaying his prime vocals alongside sensational guitar work that builds more frenetic as the song rolls on.

Lucy Hammond takes it right down to the deep Delta with “Muddy Waters.” There’s a bit of gospel inflection in her presentation. The acoustic guitar playing behind her is sharp and spot on for the feel of the South.

The beat picks up with The Martindales. This is rock in an Americana, fun guitar driven attitude that will remind you of The Blasters at their very best. “Bad Boy” with its rhyming patterns and highly danceable guitar riffs that’ll catch you singing along.

Tevis Hodge Jr takes us in a step back in time as he works out his steel-bodied guitar for a 1920s/30s feeling blues on “Jellybean Rootwork. This will be reminiscent of Son House or Robert Johnson.

And Rich Layton & The Troublemakers deliver their Gulf Coast grooves blending sharp guitar lines, banjo, harmonica and shuffling drums for a tribute to the film “The Big Lebowksi” on their original number “The Dude Abides.”

This is a great opening salvo from Lucy Hammond’s concept. Every song is a prime example of the artists’ talents. Can hardly wait to hear what will be coming next on Volume 2.

Total Time: 19:45

I Fall In Love Too Easily / Muddy Waters / Bad Boy / Jellybean Rootwork / The Dude Abides