The Cascade Blues Association’s 2014 Journey To Memphis competition is now set. The first round will happen on Friday, June 6th and Saturday, June 7th, at The Lehrer, 8775 SW Canyon Lane. Fourteen acts will vie against one another over these two nights in attempt to reach the finals at the Waterfront Blues Festival on Friday, July 4th and then the eventual winner will head to Memphis, Tennessee next January to take part in the International Blues Challenge.

Solo/Duo acts will be in competition alongside the bands each night. The top two highest scoring acts, regardless if solo/duo or band, from each night will advance to the final four at the Waterfront. The acts will be scored by three judges on five weighted categories: blues content, talent-vocals, talent-instrumentation, originality and overall stage presence. Acts will perform twenty minute sets.

Entry for each night is $10.00. All money taken in at the door will go to the prize funds to help the acts in their travel expenses to Memphis. There are no guest lists for this event, everybody pays unless performing on stage that night. This admission fee includes the acts’ family, friends, roadies, etc.

The schedule for this year’s first round is as follows:

Friday, June 6th:

8:30 pm – Pat Stilwell Band
9:00 pm – Hell Hounds
9:30 pm – Ben Rice & The iLLamatics
10:00 pm – Land Of The Living
10:30 pm – Anne Weiss
11:00 pm – Rae Gordon Band
11:30 pm – Papa Dynamite & The Jive

Saturday, June 7th:

8:30 pm – Martin Henry & The Blues Benders
9:00 pm – Tim Connor
9:30 pm – Angel Bouchet
10:00 pm – David Pinsky & Phil Newton
10:30 pm – Gabriel Cox
11:00 pm – Tevis Hodge Jr.
11:30 pm – Still Water Vibes

(Times are subject to change)