What: Jazz clinics for teachers and students of jazz, with Chris Brown (drums), John Nastos (saxophone), Susie Jones(saxophone), Kenney Polson(saxophone), Stan Bock(trombone),

When: October 10, 2014, 10:00am-2:30pm

Where: David Douglas HS Horner Performing Arts Center, 1400 SE 130th, Portland, OR

Who: Music teachers, music students if accompanied by music teacher, and general public

Admission: Free!


What: Live jazz in Historic Downtown Gresham

When: October 10, 2014

Admission: Free!


Chris Brown Quartet @ Spinellas Restaurant, 436 N. Main, Gresham, 7:30-8:30, 9:00-10:00pm

Dan Balmer and Go By Train @ Hoppy Brewer, 328 N. Main, Gresham, 7:30-8:30, 9:00-10:00pm

Paul Mazzio Quartet, @ Ulys Taco Bar, 124 NE 3rd, Gresham, 6:00-7:00, 7:30-8:30pm

Tom Wakeling/Randy Porter Duo @ Boccellis Ristorante, 246 N. Main, Gresham, 6:00-7:00, 7:30-8:30pm

Blues Ed/BITS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in the Portland/Vancouver area and is sponsored by the Cascade Blues Association. The program is modeled after nationally recognized “Blues in the Schools” programs offered throughout the United States. With the exception of Native American music forms, the Blues is the first pure American music form to have originated in this country. Coming from the oral traditions of folk music, the blues is the foundation for all other popular music forms that students listen to today.

Alan Hagar

Alan Hagar

Always one of the Cascade Blues Association’s largest events of the year is the Journey To Memphis; our regional competition to select our representatives from the region to compete in The Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge next year in Memphis, Tennessee. This year’s event returns to the newly renovated Trails End Saloon in Oregon City on Friday, June 7th and Saturday, June 8th, starting at 8:00 pm both nights.
This year we have fourteen entries; seven will compete each night before a set of three judges scoring the acts on blues content, instrumentation talent, vocal talent, originality and stage presence. All will have a timed 30-minute set and the two highest scoring acts from each night will advance to the finals held on July 4th at the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival.

Admission to the Journey To Memphis is $10.00 each night. All admissions will cover the cost of production and form the base prize received by the winners to help defray their traveling expenses to Memphis.

Scheduled Times and Act Sets are as follows (note: these are subject to change as the acts are not required to play a full 30-minute set. If they go overtime, they will be penalized a point for every 10 seconds over.)

Friday, June 7th:

  • 8:00 – Howard Wade
  • 8:40 – Alan Hager & Dave Fleschner
  • 9:20 – Rae Gordon Band
  • 10:00 – Alan Benson Experience
  • 10:40 – Chad Rupp & Josh Makosky
  • 11:20 – The Mojo Blasters
  • 12:00 – Ben Rice Band

Saturday, June 8th:

  • 8:00 – Rose City Rats featuring Savanna Coen
  • 8:40 – David Pinsky & Phil Newton
  • 9:20 – Lisa Mann & Her Really Good Band
  • 10:00 – Tevis Hodge, Jr.
  • 10:40 – Beacon Street Titans
  • 11:20 – The Hitmen
  • 12:00 – Rae Gordon & Gaddis Cavenah (Duo)