Benefit for Tom Royer

Tom Royer poster

Long time Portland musician Tom Royer has been battling Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and is in desperate need of a lung transplant. Please visit to help out with your donations. A benefit concert has been scheduled for Monday, October 20th at Jimmy Mak’s, 221 NW 10th, to assist in raising the necessary funds. Tom Royer has worked with many of the finest musicians in Portland over the years, including DK Stewart, Paul deLay, Duffy Bishop, Linda Hornbuckle, The Cowboy Angels, The Mayther Brothers, Dub Dubrie, Benny Wilson, Lloyd Jones, Turtle Vandemarr and many, many others, especially alongside his wife Lily Wilde in a number of configurations. The last benefit held for Tom was packed full of many of the most renowned and beloved musicians in the region. Please make plans on attending this event. This event was just being pieced together at press time, so please watch the CBA Facebook and website, or the Soul Sisters Productions Facebook page and the sites for updated details.