Noticed some of the bands in Puddletown are going on the road this Spring/Summer season. Just stoppin’ by to say we’ll be takin’ our Bluzrock Original Tunes to Texas the beginning of May. Playing an event at Tarrant Co College to raise funds for the old Jubilee Theater in Ft Worth on Thursday May 2nd.

The Jubilee has been the home of many blues and jazz musicals for decades. It’s truly an honor to be asked.

Then we’ll be at a good sized rockin’ honkytonk, called Keys Lounge, also in Ft Worth, on Saturday, May 4th—promising all here we will do our best to represent the great music town of Portland and the Cascade Blues Association with everything we have !!!

Thanx for all the support and for all the great music in this city that inspires us all to create, honor and keep the blues alive. Hope we’ll have some cool Texas tales to tell when we return!!! Keep Rockin’!!!

Billy D