Live: The River City Sessions
Self Produced

barry levenson The VisitJeff Jensen may arguably be the most energetic guitarist in the blues world today. The man is in constant motion as he plays, and he lets the music take over and reflect his onstage intensity. It is something that carries over to his audience, bringing him legions of fans everywhere. So it is no wonder that a live recording was something that would be on the horizon. With Live: The River City Sessions, Jensen’s passion and stage presence comes through in this vivid performance. If you’ve witnessed a Jeff Jensen show, it immediately bring visions of that non-stop, high-powered, fasten your seat belts ride that only he can take you on.

Like any performer, Jensen feeds off his audience. So when he decided that it was time to make a live recording, he put the invitation out to his most stalwart and devoted fans to join him in the making of the disc. And he could’ve chosen to do so in any of a number of venues in his home of Memphis. But instead he selected the ingenious path of bringing his audience into one of the world’s finest recording studios, Ardent, where the sound could be captured to perfection.

To truly appreciate Jensen’s drive in his music, you also need to have accompaniment by partners who also bring out that same thirst and fury. That is brought forth successfully with drummer Robinson Bridgeforth and Jensen’s longtime bassist Bill Ruffino.

The tracks contain a handful of selections from his previous acclaimed release Morose Elephant including “Ash and Bone,” “Make It Through,” “Empty Bottles,” and the fiery instrumental “Elephant Blue.” A couple from the Road Worn and Ragged disc, “Brunette Woman” and the always popular cover of Tom Waits’ “Heart Attack and Vine,” plus Jensen digs deep to his first recording with a pair of numbers, “Can’t Believe We’re Through” and “Find Myself All Alone” that displays the in-depth guitar prowess and attack that Jensen is noted for. The album is a fast-paced and entertaining performance climaxed by a cover of Bob Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower” utilizing the Jimi Hendrix take more so than the songwriter’s.

Live: The River City Sessions is the perfect way to relive a Jeff Jensen show again and again. Whenever you feel the desire to get up, jump and dance to a good time roadhouse blues disc, this is one you’re going to reach for.

Total Time: 66:46

Introduction / T-Bone Shuffle / Make It Through / Empty Bottles / JJ Boogie / Find Myself All Alone / Brunette Woman / Elephant Blue / Heart Attack And Vine / Can’t Believe We’re Through / Band Introduction / Ash And Bone / All Along The Watchtower