There has always been something magical about the guitar. When in the hands of a master player it creates dreams that make us move, dance, and smile. But when you press a little bottleneck or a metal slide on the instrument’s strings, it takes us to an even more fantastical place that enhances the need to take those motions to another level.

Monti Amundson understands this passion. He is one of those masterful musicians that can work a slide guitar to that height. He also has a couple friends who share in this love of the slide and he has once again gathered their Sultans of Slide - Monti Amundson photo by Greg Johnsonservices to offer a night of pure slide guitar bliss. Along with Monti, Northwest award-winning guitar heavy-weights Kevin Selfe and Seattle’s Rod Cook will be taking over the Trails End Saloon on Saturday, May 28 at 9:00 pm for another night of the Sultans of Slide. In their hands the visions of past slide greats like Muddy Waters, Earl Hooker, JB Lenoir, and Elmore James can be brought back to life, all while offering their own unique original material, too. Backing this dynamic trio of guitarists will be a rhythm section of equally high standards: Frederico Pol on bass and JM Thunder on drums. Let the pyrotechnics begin!

. The Trails End Saloon is located at 1320 Main Street in Oregon City.