On Saturday, March 8th, Ellen Whyte will be appearing at the Estacada Junior High School Auditorium (500 NE Main Street, Estacada) for a 7:00 pm show with her Plus-Size (9-piece) Band for a powerful evening of blues. An added attraction is a performance by the Estacada High School Concert Choir of a world premiere piece written by Whyte and The Estacada Junior High School Choir will also sing a traditional blues song they have learned for the evening. Tickets are available at the door or online at . Prices are $8.00 for adults, $6.00 for seniors and students, and $22.00 for families.

Ellen Whyte is currently an artist in residence at the Estacada Junior High School, engaging students in what she describes as “a full experience of American blues.”  She states, “students are learning about the rich heritage of this original American art form tracing back to the times of slavery.” Through the program, students work together as a team creating, brainstorming, writing, and performing music. They learn to develop ideas and write a blues song. Whyte helps them tap into their everyday experience and inspiration to explore song ideas.

Whyte, an award-winning composer and performer, bases her musical career in Portland.  Of her performances, a recent concert-goer said, “Ellen Whyte is a consummate performer who is never better than in front of this tremendously talented assortment of musicians the Northwest has to offer. Take the ride that is Ellen Whyte and the Plus-Size Band. You won’t want it to end.”

Funding for Ellen Whyte Brings the Blues to Estacada has been generously provided by grants from the Regional Arts and Culture Council Work for Art, The Collins Foundation, Estacada Community Foundation, Estacada Area Literary Foundation and the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition, made possible by funding from Oregon Cultural Trust and managed by the Clackamas County Arts Alliance. For further information, visit Estacada Together at, or call 503-637-3740 or 503-630-4013. Ellen Whyte’s web site, which includes samples of her music, is

We recently posted this list on the CBA Facebook page. It received a thankful response from so many that we thought we would run it in the BluesNotes, too This list is a compilation of regional musicians who were nominated for the 2013 Muddy Awards. Though the final ballot is limited to only a few in each category, all of the following artists were recognized by our members in the ballots returned to us for nominations in the first round.

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