Our Members Choices For Muddy Award Nominations: All Receiving Votes


We recently posted this list on the CBA Facebook page. It received a thankful response from so many that we thought we would run it in the BluesNotes, too This list is a compilation of regional musicians who were nominated for the 2013 Muddy Awards. Though the final ballot is limited to only a few in each category, all of the following artists were recognized by our members in the ballots returned to us for nominations in the first round.

AC Porter, AC Porter & The Live Wires, Adam Scramstad, Alan Hager, Albert Reda, Alex Shakeri, Allen Markel, Alice Stuart, Andy Gauthier, Andy Stokes Band, Andy Strange, Angel Bouchet, Anne Weiss, Arthur Moore, Ashbolt Stewart, Atomic Gumbo, Barbara Healy Band, Beacon Street Titans, Ben Jones, Ben Laing, Ben Partain, Ben Rice Band, Ben Turner, Bernie Keough, Big Monti Amundson, Bill Foss, Bill Rhoades, Bill Rhoades & The Party Kings, Bill Shreve, Billy D & The Hoodoos, Bleuphonk, Bob Shoemaker, Boogie Bone, Bootleg Woman, Boyd Small, Brad Ulrich, Brian Foxworth, Brian Harris, Calapooia All Stars, Carl Falls, Carlton Jackson, Catahoula Soul Stew, Cee Cee James, Chad Rupp, Charlie Hood, Chris Carlson, Chris Mercer, Cooper, Curtis Salgado, Damian Erskine, Dan Fincher, Dante, Dave Fleschner, Dave Kahl, Dave Mathis, Dave Melyan, Dave Mills, David Vest, David Ward, Dean Mueller, DeNada Band, Dennis Lusk, Devin Phillips, DK Stewart, Don Campbell, Don Shultz, Doug Lewis, Doug Rowell, Dover Weinberg, Duffy Bishop, Ed Neumann, Ed Pierce, Ellen Whyte, Eric Rabe, Erin Wallace, Everett Carlson, Franco Paletta, Franco & The Stingers, Fred Ingram, Frederico Pol, Froggy, Funtastik, Garage Band, Gary Fountaine, Garry Meziere, Gene Houck, Glen Denison, Gordon Greenly, Greg Garrett, Gregg Earl, GT Albright, Hank Shreve, Hank Shreve Band, Hellhound PDX, Henry Cooper, Iowa Ed, Jada Amy, Jake Johnson, James Clem, Janice Scroggins, Jason Thomas, Jean Pierre Garou, Jeff Knudson, Jeff Minnick, Jerrod Lawson, Jim Hively, Jim Mesi, Jim Mesi Band, Jim Miller, Jim Wallace, Jimi Bott, Joe McCarthy, Joe McMurrian, John Mazzocco, John Pounds, Johnnie Corrie, Johnny Moore, Jonathan Barber, Jonathan Chase, Johnnie Ward, Jolie Claussen, Josh Makosky, Julie Strange, Karen Lovely, Katy Oberg, Kelly Dunn, Kelly Pierce, Ken DeRouchie Band, Kevin Selfe & The Tornadoes, Kris DeLane, Lady A, Lady Kat True Blue, Laura Ivancie, LaRhonda Steele, Lenn Russell, Leonard Griffie, Linda Hornbuckle, Lisa Mann & Her Really Good Band, Lloyd Allen Band, Lloyd Jones, Louis Pain, Lucy Hammond, LynnAnn Hyde, Mac Potts, Madman Sam, Mel Solomon, Melissa Buchanan, Mel Brown, Melvin Seals, Meziere Ivie Band, Mia Vermillion, Michael Ballash, Michael Braun, Michael Osborn & The Drivers, Michael Quinby, Michelle “Mush” Morgan, Mike Brosnan, Mike Kelly, Mike Lynch, Mitch Kashmar, Nathan Olsen, Norman Sylvester Band, Pat McDougal, Paul Biondi, Paul Cimino, Pete Gallatin, Pete Peterson, Peter Dammann, Peter Moss, Pilar French, Rae Gordon Band, Randy Herbert, Randy Monroe, Randy Oxford, Randy Oxford Band, Randy Star & The Players, Reinhardt Melz, Renato Caranto, Rich Layton & The Troublemakers, Richard Arnold & The Groove Swingers, Rob Busey, Rob Shoemaker, Robbie Laws, Ron Rocci, Rusty Cox, Sammy Eubanks, Scott Clancey, Scott Van Duzen, Scott White, Skip Jones, Sky Wright, Snail, Son Jack Jr, Sonny Hess, Soul Cookin’, Soul Vaccination, Stacy Jones Band, Stan Ruffo, Stan Walsh, Steve Cheseborough, Steve Cleveland, Steve Lindstrom, Steve Snyder, Steven Dee Williams, Stillwater Vibes, Stu Kinzel, Suburban Slim, Terry Robb, Tess Barr Band, Tevis Hodge Jr, Thad Beckman, The Eagle Ridin’ Papas, The Coyote Kings, The Essentials, The Gusto Brothers, The Hitmen, The Knuckleheads, The New Iberians, The Rose City Rats, The Roseland Hunters, The Sportin’ Lifers, The Strange Tones, The Vermen, The Wired Band, Tim Shaughnessy, Tim O’Hare, Timmer Blakely, Tommy Hogan, Tracy Fordice & The 8-Balls, Ty Curtis, Tyler Smith, Under Cover Band, Vicki Stevens, Vyasa Dodson, Warren Rand, William Chapin, Whit Draper, Woodbrain