The Strange Tones

Hello Everybody,

Well summer’s in full swing, and it’s so nice to be playing and seeing friends in the great outdoors! We have such a variety of fun summer shows, from Pioneer Square to Willamette Park to Ilwaco Blues Fest, to name a few, and it’s always great to have a wider audience join our beloved usual suspects!

And when not gigging, we’ve also been spending a lot of time underground in the volcano, working on our top secret recording sessions. In fact, we just finished wrapping up the project and have sent it out for CD production!

And we have BIG NEWS: We’ve found the perfect location, and set the date for the official CD release! It’s going to be on Friday, September 20, at the Bossanova Ballroom. Located a few blocks from the Melody Ballroom, this historic Portland venue has been beautifully renovated with a new sound system and updated amenities. It’s classic vintage Portland with dark wood hand rails, banisters, a balcony, two bars, and a spacious dance floor. And we have some exciting guests planned for the show, including DK Stewart, Jim Wallace and several other surprise guests! More information to come, but be sure to hold that date! Advance tickets are available now at the Bossanova’s website.

Happy summer to you all and hope to see you out on the Crime-A-Billy trail!

Julie, Andy, Slim, & Andy G

 David Kahl

Wow! Where do we start? So much has been happening that I’m feeling like a one-armed paper hanger, on the one hand, and extremely lucky and grateful, on the other.

July, of course, started with the Waterfront Blues Festival, frankly, my favorite one, so far. How do you do any better than exceeding – by a third – a very ambitious goal of a million dollars? Let’s start with the appropriate thank you to all involved, from crews and volunteers, to musicians and fans. It all begins and ends, as far as I’m concerned, with Peter Dammann, who keeps elevating the challenges of pulling off an entertaining and successful event, while serving the greater cause of community and, certainly, the Oregon Food Bank.

Bill Rhoades showed a lot of confidence in me, having me hold the center of the Harmonica Blow Off for four hours. Hard work though it was, I had fun; it set the tone for everything that followed. Thanks, Bill. Very satisfying and well received shows with Mitch Kashmar, Alan Hager and Jimi Bott, Ty Curtis, Terry Robb, Jerry Jacques, and Alex Shakiri nailed it.

A big part of the WFBF for me was spending time at the Louisiana Pavilion, where Barbara Hammerman, Amanda Gresham, Raymond Lavine, Kate Close, Jason Naiman, and a host of others showed what real community consciousness and connection is about. United by Music, the Delta Music Experience, Oregon Music News, and informational booth for associations and events were just part of the mix. Thanks to all for including me and for being so welcoming and gracious to my wife, Lynn. This is the first year in many that I’ve been able to bring her, with the weather on the 5th being moderate enough to allow her to participate in a very important part of my life – one that she has encouraged and sacrificed so deeply to empower for the sake of my own happiness. I can’t thank you enough, my love.

The After Hours series at Hotel Fifty was another highlight. Carlton Jackson, Dover Weinberg, Chris Carlson and Alan Hager laid down an entertaining foundation, replete with masterful musicianship that emphasized the point that I was making – Portland is world-class; its talent is unequalled. The veritable army of artists, local and national, got a chance to connect on a number of levels. Thanks, again, to Peter for believing in my vision enough to let me run with the ball. Thanks, too, go to the great staff at H50 for showing what real conscientious service is about. A big thank you goes to Karen Lovely and to Organic Nation. Karen got them – without much trouble, I should say – to donate spirits for the event, so that touring artists could have a drink “on us”. Support Organic Nation, if you can, by buying their unique, home-grown product. Request it, even if it’s not served at your venue of choice. It’s more than worth the effort. Hospitality is the hallmark of a great event and this combination raised the bar. Certainly, the fans and many artists that attended and participated cannot be thanked nearly enough. Without you, it would not have been the scene – a comment that I heard repeatedly to describe what was happening there. Be on the lookout for something to happen on a regular basis at this venue.

On other fronts, I need to take the opportunity to acknowledge Bill Rhoades, Ty Curtis, Terry Robb, and others for keeping me busy, while understanding what I have to juggle, just to make the gig. It ain’t easy, but it’s satisfying.

You’re likely to know that MyGigNet continues to be the focus for my efforts – a web-based version of musical community building and development. Many people are now coming to the fore on this project to move it beyond a “great idea” stage. Notably, I heard from Commissioner Nick Fish, whose areas of responsibility include the Regional Arts and Culture Council and Venture Portland, involved in high tech innovation and investment. He is encouraged that MyGigNet connects the two organizations in a very logical and easily attainable manner. There should be some more solid updates on this front, hopefully by September. Other equally exciting resources are showing clear interest in helping to make this a reality that will benefit everyone with any interest or involvement in music – individuals and organizations; artists, venues, and service providers; and, without a doubt, students and fans. Thanks go to these people, as well as the many others who have encouraged me to continue on this very heady course. You know who you are and I love you and am grateful to you for being there.

Last, I must say that I’m still looking forward to the many other events and causes that I’ve taken on. Among these are: United by Music, Ethos, Musicians Medical Relief, the Musicians Council, Fair Trade Music, MusicBridge Acoustic Festival, and a couple of others that are in the works. None of these is a one man proposition. They are all parts of a broader musical barn raising. Every person involved is important, no matter how small they think their contribution is. There are no weak links.

Thanks again to all of you. You keep me going. I don’t give up. You’ll be making funeral arrangements for me when I do.

Kevin Selfe and The Tornadoes

Hi everybody, hope you all are enjoying the beautiful summer weather! I wanted to first thank everyone who came out to the Waterfront Blues Festival this year over the July 4th weekend. With your contributions, over $1.3 Million dollars and nearly 80,000 pounds of food was donated to the Oregon Food Bank. The band and I had a wonderful time performing this year, and were honored to be a part of this record setting event!

 In other exciting news, we have been nominated for a 2013 Blues Blast Music Award! Voting is FREE and open to anyone who is a Blues Blast Magazine subscriber. We are nominated for the “Sean Costello Rising Star Award”. You do not have to be a current subscriber to vote and you are automatically signed up as part of the voting process on the website if you are not currently a subscriber. Blues Blast Magazine subscriptions are free. Please help us, and other NW nominees like Curtis Salgado, by joining and voting at, thanks! Voting is open until August 31 and the 2013 Blues Blast Music Awards ceremonies will be held at Buddy Guys Legends in Chicago, Illinois, October 31st.

August finds us busy traveling around the NW, making stops in Birkenfeld, Walla Walla, Salem, Snohomish, Hood River, as well as a few shows in the Portland area. We will be playing at the Ilwaco Seafood and Blues Festival on Saturday, August, 17, along with many great acts including Coco Montoya, Norman Sylvester, and The Strange Tones. Please visit our website at for more information and our full schedule. Thanks so much for your support of us and the blues, and we hope to see you soon!


Franco Paletta and the Stingers

Hey Everybody,

Nice to see you again….how about that Blues Festival? Over a million dollars and tons of food for the Food Bank! Great job props to Peter Dammann, and ALL those who were involved, either behind the scenes, or on a voluntary basis…Y’ALL DONE GOOD!!!

The response to our “Big Band” show on the 4th of July was off the hook! I’m still getting great feedback from that show. A ton of thanks goes out to Eric Rabe (sax) and Miles Thompson (trumpet) for doing such a fine job…..

Having Doug Rowell sit in for the last two songs was awesome! Thank you, Doug! And of course I wanna give gigantic props to the regular Stingers: JT Thomas, Jon Barber, and Kenny Goldstein….Y’all made it an extremely fun show!…..Thanks to the fans as well. I could feel the Love….

Hit our website: francopalettaandthestingers to find out where we’re playin’….See you in the clubs!


 Rae Gordon Band

      Summer is just beginning and it’s already sizzlin’ like a good steak! RGB has already had some amazing musical meals that have left us feeling satisfied. However, dessert came first! In the form of the amazing 26th Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival that had RGBB (big band!) on the Main Stage! It was an incredible time seeing all our friends in the audience from our regular gigs throughout the year. This was for you! And big kudos to Peter Dammann and his team for another year of musical memories that will make us all smile for years to come. 

     More Blues with a side of soul will be served up thismonth for Rae and the guys that will be having them all over the region from the WillametteValley gem The Horseradish, CBA picnic, Sah Hah Lee Golf Course,Beavercreek community concert,Rae in Ilwaco, Washington with The Heartbreakers and Taste of Edmonds. Come grab an elephant’s ear, ifthe big luglets you, with RGB at the Oregon State Fair after Guitar player Gaddis and Rae enjoy Our Days in La Center that morningand a glass of winein Oregon City at Christopher Bridge and inCanby at St. Josef’s Winery!

     Another dessert plate just came in for a delectable bite! RGB to open for Lydia Pense and Cold Blood! at The Roseland on August 10th.

Continue to find us near and far by checking out our brand new website As much as the half face was fun for awhile,Rae decided she was ready for the whole face! Also, check out the blog as it follows our musical adventures.

     In addition to gigs with RGB, join Rae in her quest for the best….rummage sale that is!  CBAs annual rummage sale happens this year 9/7 at The Bomber Restaurant in Milwaukie. But, the time is NOW to gather your stuff and clean out all your closets and cupboards. Don’t want to bother with a yard sale this year? Get a tax write off for anything you donate!  Bring large items to the sale before 9am. If not coming to the sale, non furniture items can be brought tothe 8/4 picnic and the 9/4 CBA meeting.

Let’s get ready to RUMMAGE!